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What is your Избранное Adam Sandler movie(s)?

19 answers | my answer: Happy Gilmore and Mr. Deeds :)

So at the end of the movie were rose and jack are dancing together is it a dream или are they in heaven

9 answers | my answer: In heaven :)

I feel like watching a new tv series and I have tons in mind could Ты help me decide between the following?

6 answers | my answer: Teen волк is awesome, also True Blood is great :)
Теория Большого взрыва

Who are your вверх 5 Избранное characters?

52 answers | my answer: Mine are: 1.Sheldon 2.Penny 3.Leonard 4.Howard...

Who do u think is the hottest wrestler in wwe? (boys and girls)

29 answers | my answer: Randy Orton is the hottest for the guys and Maryse...

When did Ты start watching WWE?

4 answers | my answer: When I was 6/7 years old

( male или female can answer)If Ты could marry any WWE superstar who would it be?

57 answers | my answer: Dean Ambrose или Seth Rollins
Орудия смерти

Anyone else get the Clary Fray cap?

11 answers | my answer: Yea I got it, Ты just click the become a Фан butto...

Where can I find Хор episodes?

5 answers | my answer:,, Nexflix, local library, on dvd
Дневники вампира (телесериал)

What are your Избранное TVD couples from all seasons?

12 answers | my answer: Delena <3