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If I were to look at your ipod, what are the singers I would find the most?

39 answers | my answer: Paramore(all of their songs),Arash,Bethany Joy Gale...
Анатомия страсти

how does gorge die cuz i like him i dont want him to die

5 answers | my answer: He died in the season 5 finale and season 6 premier...

What movie do Ты want Дисней to make?

33 answers | my answer: еще fairytales and good hand-drawn animations :))
Гарри Поттер

Do Ты completely HATE David Yates now?! (read inside)

15 answers | my answer: Daniel is hot!!!
Гарри Поттер

do Ты think harry should have gone with cho to the yule ball?

6 answers | my answer: No :)))

what breed of odg is your favourite????

28 answers | my answer: I like Labrador Retrievers,Black Labs,Yellow Labs,G...
Одинокие сердца

Which season does Marissa die??? and how????

5 answers | my answer: In the third season,the last episode,after their gr...
Бритни Спирс

WHat do u think about her new song "3"?

6 answers | my answer: It's great

Is Рианна back with chris brown?

7 answers | my answer: No,she сказал(-а) in a inteview that they have already br...

Your fav rihannas song?

32 answers | my answer: Unfaithful,Umbrella,Run this town,Disturbia