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marjorie20 сказал(-а) о Dan Brown
instill think after all the Книги ive read of dans the da vinci code is way much better than the others ive read it agan and again, only 1 complaint the chapter on the Roslyn chapel is far too short there's much еще to find out there having been, ,and Dan Ты don't realise how near Ты were to true story , there's a sequel there i know it Опубликовано ·8 месяцев назад
marjorie2 прокомментировал(-а)…
i think theres еще on this the end of the book sees him visting mary magalens Кости but nothing about thedocuments suposed to be with her, are they still out there to discver if so dan we need anothe blockbuster book to find them i have an instinct as towhere they are,,o ·4 месяцев назад