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maytrix45 сказал(-а) о Леди Гага
If Ты think it's hard to contact famous people, Ты have been lied too, sorry not sorry :)

I know how Ты can finally contact "place artist name here*".

или anyone else for that matter.

If Ты want to actually make Друзья with Знаменитости instead of watching them on instagram...

Just type "me" in the Комментарий section so I can give Ты contacts to whoever Ты want :)

But do it before it's too late.

Thanks loves :) Опубликовано ·6 месяцев назад
Makeupdiva прокомментировал(-а)…
Seriously get a life. Besides even if Ты did contact a celebrity, they can block Ты and Ты can, despite the crap Ты are spouting, can have a restraining order put against Ты and boy do I hope it happens to you. It's called harassment and if no celeb gives Ты their number outright then Ты are not meant to call. ·3 месяцев назад