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Where is 'screencap' option?

7 answers | my answer: Screencaptures are where allot of people (including...

Эй, guys, just wondering what drew Ты to this Фан page?

4 answers | my answer: Can't speak for anyone else but nothing in particul...
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What episode. Please help.

2 answers | my answer: Thats a scene from episode 1x07- The Fox. The unsu...
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Can anyone please help me?

3 answers | my answer: Season 1: 1x01- Extreme Aggressor 1x02- Compulsio...
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Ian Doyle?

9 answers | my answer: I don't remember an Ian Doyle being an unsub on the...
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OK its the fifth season already!!!

11 answers | my answer: I agree... I think they should bring back Austin fr...
Доктор Спенсер Рид

What episode did a kid die in front of Reid and what was the name of the kid?

3 answers | my answer: The only incident that comes to mind is in episode...
Jennifer "JJ" Jareau

Is JJ a "SSA"?

4 answers | my answer: I'm not really 100% but I have heard Hotch introduc...
Law & Order: Los Angeles

Have they written off Rex Winters или is there a chance he may return as a full-time character?

1 answer | my answer: Just came across this @ shockya dot com [url=http:...