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I need Some name of Anime's That Ты guys and girls like,any Help?

8 answers | my answer: Наруто AND Наруто SHIPPUDEN IS MY FAVORITE! its so...

If Ты could be in any Аниме which would it be and why.

36 answers | my answer: Наруто SHIPPUDEN OBVIOUSLY!!!SO I CAN BE A NINJA AN...

If Ты could have any Аниме character as your kid who would it be (and post a pic of them as a baby i guess)

16 answers | my answer: USHIO OKAZAKI from clannad after story, shes adorab...

what is a must see Аниме that people dont really know about ?

15 answers | my answer: Last exile, it has a club on Fanpop but only a few...

What do Ты perfer becuase i cna't chose ? help help help :( :) :P :D

22 answers | my answer: DEFINATLY Наруто ITS LEGENDARY IN Аниме HISTORY,AND...

What is your Избранное Аниме and Избранное character in that Anime? Three is the Ты can name.

32 answers | my answer: #1 Наруто Shippuden and Наруто #2 Clannad and Ushi...

What's your Избранное вверх five Аниме series?

58 answers | my answer: 1. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden 2.Clannad/Clannad After...

Избранное Аниме Battles?

7 answers | my answer: Наруто Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha`s 2nd Ultimate инжир...

Sasuke set to be a flirt in the new Наруто Movie?!

8 answers | my answer: O.O *has evil grin* If i do not see this movie i wi...

Post an Аниме Ты didn't think you'd like, but Ты did.

32 answers | my answer: At first I thought that Наруто was a perveted Показать...