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Гарри Поттер

Who would Ты want to be? Harry Potter,Ron Weasly, Hermione Granger,Ginny Weasly...etc.

23 answers | my answer: ginny cuz she gets to maryy harry. или hermoine, bel...

What is your cat called and is it male или female? Post a pic here!

16 answers | my answer: this is my kitten: its a boy his name is shoe...

my mom wont let my dye my hair blonde gone rong (lik this gurl from the ting tings)!!! what do i do? should i just dye it without telling im sure she would notice though :\

3 answers | my answer: thats wat i did i just did it without her knowing!w...
The Rocky Horror Picture Показать

how did Ты find out about rocky horror picture show?

22 answers | my answer: my sister went to college one of her best Друзья s...
The Rocky Horror Picture Показать

Do Ты think that the remake could create a new cult following или will it just push the newer audience towards the 1975 version and the cult phenomenon attatched to that?

4 answers | my answer: i dont think they shud remake it. dont fix anything...

Interracial Любовь

10 answers | my answer: i say who careswat race u r. i dont really label my...

why does everyone think being Эмо and или scene so bad

7 answers | my answer: scene is a happy Эмо and im also a mix between the...

is it ok for ur boyfriend to do sumthing u asked him not to do

10 answers | my answer: uhhhh no! if he keeps doin stuff like that u need t...

When Ты see your true love, how do Ты feel? <3

5 answers | my answer: this is how i felt when i first met my bf Kaito: i...

Why are guys mean to girls they like?

14 answers | my answer: because thats how they Показать their affection for the...