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Звёздные войны

звезда wars alphabet!

16 answers | my answer: Kenobi(Ben/Obi-Wan)
Звёздные войны

Избранное and least Избранное звезда Wars films

15 answers | my answer: fave SW movie:Episode 2:Attack of the Clones lea...
Звёздные войны

Who is your favourite ''Star Wars'' character?

20 answers | my answer: I have a few: Luke,Leia,Padme and Anakin(before he...
Звёздные войны

Identify this звезда Wars movie to win props!!!

13 answers | my answer: Episode lll:Revenge of the Sith?
Звёздные войны

This one is part Тест and part debate. Who is the single most important character in звезда Wars, without whom there would be no movies?

22 answers | my answer: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader who is in all 6 Фильмы...
Звёздные войны

How many episodes are in "Star Wars" and can Ты name them?

18 answers | my answer: currently there are 6 звезда Wars movies.I heard talk...
Звёздные войны

Who are your вверх 3 favourite Jedi and why??

11 answers | my answer: Luke Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi...
Звёздные войны

why doesn't Leia seem to mourn her parents?

5 answers | my answer: if Ты mean her adopted parents,I'm sure she did .I...

фото CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!

5 answers | my answer: here is a side by side pic of the animated Malefice...

Избранное Дисней character?

19 answers | my answer: I have quite a few... Ariel Simba Динь-Динь...