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  • Female, 15 years old
  • I want to travel to anywhere where BTS is, to meet my bias, V <3
  • Favorite TV Show: Do Ты know what purple means? It means that i will Любовь Ты and trust Ты forever ~ V
    Favorite Movie: "You're too young to let the world break you" ~ BTS
    Favorite Musician: BTS!!!! (V, RM, Jungkook, J-hope, Jin, Jimin, SUGA) <3 :D
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Lusamine выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Oml I freaking Любовь your background. Jimin is king. And I Любовь Shine by пятиугольник, пентагон soooo much. It's actually really common in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) field for students to take two at once или to take things early. I have a friend in my grade who is already taking twelfth grade math because they let him go ahead back in middle school. I have Друзья taking tenth and eleventh grade science in the same year. Опубликовано ·3 часов назад
Lusamine выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
What are the one EXO and one пятиугольник, пентагон and the one BIGBANG song? Keystones wtf. That's so weird. I get the concept and it's similar here but it's a weird name. And biology is an eleventh grade course in my county, but since I go to a different county school, it's a ninth grade course there. Algebra's a ninth grade course at your school and the two I've been to though. Опубликовано ·23 часов назад
Lusamine выразил(-а) мне благодарность за my comments
Keystones? Milestones? Damn y'all are weird. We just call 'em finals at my school but my old school calls them milestones или the GMAS (pronounced G-mass) LOL it took a while for me to get into K-pop. I got into BLACKPINK way before I got into BTS. The first bop I ever played on repeat in K-pop was BLACKPINK's debut song, Boombayah. Опубликовано ·23 часов назад