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'Mr Robot' will officially get a season 4!

"If you're living in a dystopia, Ты don't want to look at another one."
Danny Rand has started filming.
With awards season already in full swing, it's almost time for that honored tradition where actors recognize their peers in a star-studded ceremony.
Writer David E Kelley didn't rule out the possibility of further seasons.
Even before we knew what a porg was, звезда Wars: The Last Jedi had staked its claim as one of the year's biggest, most rabidly anticipated films. It's finally out on Friday, December 15, which feels but a lightspeed jump away.
“The accusation that HBO was ‘gaming the system’ is baseless and undeserved.”
The Emmy-winning creator tells THR about the new material he's received from Автор Liane Moriarty, while HBO issues a statement defending the show's Golden Globes category.

Of all of the iconic, meme-able elements of Stranger Things — Hopper’s dancing, Eleven’s Любовь of Eggos, Bob’s adorable everything — perhaps nothing has inspired as much devoted Фан fervor as Steve’s hair.
If Ты think “Christmas with the Carringtons” sounds like a quaint made-for-TV movie, you’ll be very surprised by this week’s Dynasty.
The Вопрос Once Upon a Time Фаны have been asking all season will finally be answered during the fall finale: Who really cast the curse?
striking red-themed billboards for the new звезда Wars movie around L.A.
Margot Robbie stars as disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding in her new movie
Cool billboards for the new musical around L.A.
Zendaya stars as a circus trapeze artist in the new musical

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Learn from a pro.
Official Instagram
Linkin Park have earned one of Billboard's вверх Rock Artist spots for 2017, among other high-charting acts like Metallica and Portugal. The Man, according to the mag's Последнее год In Rock Charts review. Check it out.
…is an Статья Название we never thought we’d find ourselves typing out.
“Crack My сердце is a tribute to the way that Любовь from the divine masculine elevates and holds Космос for the divine feminine to flourish…”
Goosebumps. Actual goosebumps.
Surprise! And it’s arriving at the end of the week…
“Crawling in my skin, These wounds they will not heal…”
Sakshi's entry in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is going to be really interesting. Naira and Sakshi's clash for Kartik's Любовь will be thrilling to watch in YRKKH.

From John Green to Olympic Золото medalist Aly Raisman, several groundbreaking titles make our Список in a landmark год for YA
From John Green to Olympic Золото medalist Aly Raisman, several groundbreaking titles make our Список in a landmark год for YA
"I was like, 'Ah I don't know how to do this again!'"
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This TV season, Fox's The Gifted seems to be careening into that dreaded fate. That's a tragedy because The Gifted is really good TV
Kelly Marie Tran is all of us. Well, except that none of us is the lead in the newest звезда Wars movie, The Last Jedi. But just look at her face!
Come for the Porgs, stay for just about everything else.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Tuesday closed out its exceptional fall run with two big returns and one not-so-thinly veiled threat.
Omkara gives up luxuries for Shivaay following the footsteps of Bharat. Shivaay's plan to break Swetlana's trap hits the bulls eye in звезда Plus daily soap Ishqbaaz.
Arshi Khan's pregnancy news has spread like wildfire covering large media space. The BB Lab Task in Bigg Boss 11 has scaled up the entertainment bar manifolds.

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Sophie chats to The Hollywood Reporter about the final season of 'Game Of Thrones'.

Turner, currently in the middle of shooting the final episodes of HBO's 'Thrones,' tells THR about "the very, very bittersweet" conclusion: "I'm getting Мурашки now thinking about it."
The Jon Bernthal starrer maintains Marvel's relationship with the streaming giant as corporate parent Дисней plans an SVOD service of its own.
In last week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Rosa revealed to Charles that she is bisexual — and that while it felt good to share this information about herself, she wasn’t interested in discussing her Любовь life with him.

Холодное сердце
Холодное сердце on Broadway
Olaf’s Холодное сердце Adventure
Olaf’s Холодное сердце Adventure
Olaf’s Холодное сердце Adventure
Холодное сердце
Olaf’s Холодное сердце Adventure
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But who will attack Thanos with a billy club?!
Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes are both returning.
This stirring season is bolder and еще eclectic than ever before.
The SMILF звезда opens up about shooting her first dramatic sex scene and shares her thoughts on our current political moment.
Lucifer‘s fall finale steered the Sinnerman story in an unexpected direction — one that cast Detective Marcus Pierce in a whole new light.
WARNING: Spoilers ahead for season 1 of Fox’s The Gifted. Read at your own risk!
This stellar episode of The Gifted has my Избранное opening of the season so far.
Lucifer’s midseason finale offers Ответы that lead to еще questions, which lead to new Ответы that in turn lead to additional questions. Vicious cycle, that.
Akagami no Shirayukihime
Get ready to witness Nikhil's return in YHM. Nikhil turns out to be Pihu's kidnapper in Yeh Hai Mohababtein. He kidnaps Pihu to revenge from Raman and Ishita.
Here is how the Battle Round in Voice India Kids began and is expected to end. Also, read here what the coaches сказал(-а) about Team Papon and Palak Muchhal in The Voice India Kids.

awfull things = the brightside = u сказал(-а) and many other songs
Get geared to meet Divya Agarwal and Gehana Vasisth in Bigg Boss house. While Gehana is a controversial actress, Divya is tagged as Priyank's ex-girlfriend. The new wildcard entrants in Bigg Boss 11 are sure to raise the entertainment quotient.

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Finally Virat and Anushka wedding takes place at a private ceremony in Itally. Attended by just family members and a few close relatives, Virat and Anushka wedding was еще a private affair.
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Will Shivaay's mission to unveil Swetlana's truth get successful in Ishqbaaz? Shivaay's mission to unveil Swetlana is the reason behind Shivaay's exit from Oberoi mansion in Ishqbaaz.
Merriam-Webster announces that their word of the год for 2017 is feminism!
Siyah Beyaz aşk 10. bölüm, Siyah Beyaz aşk 10. Bölüm Fragmanı, Siyah Beyaz aşk 18 Aralık 2017, Siyah Beyaz aşk Kanal D
Büyük planın genişlik güvenli iki aşağılık Agâh okunuşu çоlаk sözde yeni devletin seyahat haritaѕını çıkarmak hemen hemen yad güçlerle bir kеz araya gelir.
Rumour has it, 'SS2' will start to film in October of 2018.

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