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Welcome to Above the Influence. If anyone has any questions, please ask!

This is a site where teens are Above the Influence and others who need help. Invite your Друзья to join. Ask any question, and I'm sure you'll get your answer. Share your experiences and help out others. The еще people we get, the еще interesting the spot will be. If Ты have a Вопрос that wasn't answered for awhile maybe another site will. But I wouldn't give up hope so easliy. If there is content that Ты cannot find, and Ты would like to see something in particular ask me, and I'll see what I can do. For еще offical information about Above the Influence (not this spot.) visit www.abovetheinfluence.com
 courtorbin posted Больше года
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Fire_Angel said:
i will! stay above the influence

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posted Больше года 
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