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Perachel has been one of the most controversial ships in the Percy Jackson fandom. A lot of Фаны really hate it, as it "gets in the way of Percebeth", while others think that Perachel is a great ship. In this article, I will be talking about my thoughts on this ship, and why I think it is neither good nor bad.

Firstly, I will say that Perachel is a valid ship. I like Percabeth еще because it has еще development and time, and it is clear that the Автор supports Percy and Annabeth, but I also like Perachel because it is еще appropriate.

While there is nothing really wrong with Percabeth,...
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So here I will just be putting my 3 Избранное and 3 least Избранное characters from fandoms I love. I'll be adding to the Список in the future as I am yet to discover all the fandoms!

* btw for least favorites: 1 means least favorite, 2 секунда and 3 third. I know that some people do it the other way around, so just wanted to clear that up! :) *

Avatar TLA:

1. Toph
2. Mai
3. Aang

1. Ozai
2. Sozin
3. Long Feng

Avatar LOK:

1. Asami
2. Kuvira
3. Eska

1. Unalaq
2. Hou-Ting
3. Kuvira's general who I forgot his name

Winx Club:

1. Flora
2. Tecna
3. Miele

1. Kalshara
2. Darkar
3. Brofilius

The Mortal Instruments:...
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Black was the night when I did surrender
I did give in to my weakening sight
Now that I'm empty my dreams once were many
Soul's горький cry to unleash th divine

When Ты think there's no way out
And all Ты see collides
Hope will in the end chase all your fears away

Fighting the Источник was not recommended
Trails of a wish were the hope to survive
skins full ablazing release crystal gazing
All of it led to a deeper demise

When Ты think there's no way out
And no one comprehends
Hope will Показать your smile again

What I left behind
Another night
Of weary dreams, unravelling
What's been left behind
Another time
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So, I have been really into the Hunger Games recently...just finished the # 2 book Catching огонь and am Чтение the last one Mockingjay. Here I'll just post my opinions on each of the tributes from the 74th & 75th Hunger Games.

*** Just my opinion, so Ты can disagree and I won't be mad. I actually encourage other people's opinions to be shared as I'd Любовь to see what Ты think!! I used to not even like Clove, until one of my Друзья pointed out how great she was! ***

**SPOILERS ALERT...there will be spoilers so if Ты don't want any then maybe Ты shouldn't read this**


74th Hunger Games...
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Read an Статья like this on whatsupbugs' club, thought it would be fun to do one here! :)*
I'll be adding to it in the future as I usually forget something then remember it later. ✨

A ✨

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Mai & Zuko

B ✨

C ✨

Carmen Sandiego: Carmen & Gray

Class of the Titans: сойка, джей & Theresa

D ✨

Doctor Who: The Doctor & Rose

E ✨

Ever After High: яблоко & Darling

F ✨

Frozen: Elsa & Honeymaren

G ✨

Goddess Girls: Athena & Heracles

H ✨

Harry Potter: Ron & Hermione

Heroes of Olympus: Hazel & Frank

Hunger Games: Katniss & Peeta

The Hunchback of Notre Dame:...
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I want to thank all of Ты has been a pretty weird год for me but I want Ты all to know that Ты are great Друзья and I hope Ты have a great Рождество Eve, Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!! I am really looking вперед to 2021 and hope that the Covid will get better :)

Je tiens à vous remercier tous ici ... cela a été une année assez étrange pour moi, mais je veux que vous sachiez tous que vous êtes de très bons amis et j'espère que vous passez une excellente veille de Noël, Noël et une merveilleuse nouvelle année! ! J'ai vraiment hâte à 2021 et j'espère que le Covid ira mieux :)

I have no idea why I decided to also put a French version...but enjoy *lol*
Ты Will Need ☃️

Bag of marshmallows (large)
Bag of marshmallows (small)
коктейль sticks/tooth picks
Liquorice strips any flavour
Еда colouring for piping
Edible piping glue
Pkt Фрукты pastels


Skew together two large marshmallows for head and body или one large for body and one small for the head with коктейль sticks.Skew the arms in the same way then add to the body.

Pipe on face with Еда colouring.
Glue on liquorice strip for a scarf.
Glue on Фрукты pastel for the hat.

Leave to set.

Ты can give him a Конфеты cane if Ты wish ☃️
posted by TimberHumphrey

I've been tryna call
I've been on my own for long enough
Maybe Ты can Показать me how to love

I'm goin' through withdrawals
You don't even have to do too much
You can turn me on with just a touch

I look around and
Sin City's cold and empty (Oh)
No one's around to judge me (Oh)
I can't see clearly when you're go-o-one

I said, oooooh
I'm blinded by the lights
No, i can't sleep until i feel your touch
I said, oooooh
I'm drowning in the night
Oh, when i'm like this
You're the one i trust


I'm running outta time
'Cause i can see the sun light up the sky
So i hit the road and overdrive

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posted by -LoveTrixDarcy-
Once upon a time
Little girl ancient light had wings so that she could fly.
She wished upon a star
“Keep me безопасно, сейф and guard, I won’t wake if I go too far.”

Can’t Ты see what I see?
I felt so alive when all my dreams were just one wish away.
Can’t Ты see what I see?
I felt so alive when all my dreams were just one wish away,
One wish away.

Somewhere above
They speak of love, they hurry unharmed, unharmed.
By closing her eyes
She could easily fly and leave all the tears behind.

Wonder why
I can no longer fly
Away from the pain
I feel every night.

Can’t Ты see what I see?
I felt so alive when all...
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Ты see that weight on your wings?
So i know what you're feeling
Yeah, Ты got bigger dreams
So keep on believing

Don't let your colors
bleed into grey
We got each other
and chances to take
Yeah, Ты got bigger dreams
So keep on believing

I'll chase the sky with you
I'll chase the night with you
I'll chase the light with you
If Ты wanna fly
I'll chase the sky

Whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
Whoa oh oh oh
If Ты wanna fly
I'll chase the sky

Anything in your heart
Is еще than worth keeping (Mmm)
I'll shoot for the stars
If that's what Ты needed

Just say the word
and baby, i'll run
I'll find a way
to go beyond the sun
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posted by alice25141
Hey, everyone! Here's just a Список of клубы that I helped create :)
(It's kind-of short for an article)


alice251412 (w/ jessowey)
( (You're here already)

Dexterity Arts (w/ DivaChipette1)

arielaria (w/ arielaria)

Indite (w/ DivaChipette1)

Order of the Sphinx (w/ DivaChipette1)

Tools Needed:
Large bowl или cauldron
Wisk или stir stick
Decorative container (optional

Witch’s Brew Party Punch:
1 (12 FL OZ) can of Холодное сердце limeade, лимада concentrate
2 Litres of 7Up
12 Gummy worms
1.4 Litre carton of лайм, известь sherbet
Green Еда dye

Make some Witch’s Brew Party перфоратор, удар, пунш by following these 10 easy steps.
Thaw limeade
Add can of liquid limeade, лимада concentrate to large bowl
Add green Еда coloring until desired color is achieved (vibrant green)
Pour in entire 2 liter bottle of 7up
Stir until well mixed
Scoop in entire carton of лайм, известь sherbet into mixture
Stir until well mixed
(if desired) transfer to decorative bowls
Line the rim of the bowl или decorative container with gummy worms