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posted by bannanabrain
Moonlight had a party at her house. She invited Musa, Sonic, Amy, Shadow, Mephiles, Espio, Vectory, Charmy, and of course Scorge the perverted hedgehog. Moonlight set up a Пение show. Shadow came looking for Musa. Scourge was looking for a girl but all of them were gone. Whoa the story. Sorry folks so Moonlight set up a Пение station and Espio was the first to sing. He had to sing Rammstein. Vector had to sing Journey, and Charmy had to sing Orianthi HAHA!! They sang and it was terrible. So espio chopped all the lamps in half. With his ninja skills he was a lamp murderer so...
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added by LunaAcores94
added by bannanabrain
added by LunaAcores94
Durning at the Космос Ark Colony,A mother,Farther and young Daughter name Alice.She was growing up with her mother and farther and had been enjoying a great time..July 20 3xxx,4:00am
Alice(Age 3):Mommy..Mommy..*crying*
??:Oh my Love!
Alice:*Hears someone Пение and checks where it was coming from**Peeks in and it was mommy Пение in her room*
Mom:He past away and Im worry...
Alice:*She sings so pretty and runs up to mommy*MOMMY,Mommy,mommy...*counties crying again*
Mom:Alice dear why are u up so late?!:0
Alice:Wheres Daddy?!:'(
Mom:*Freez and didnt say anything*
Mom:Dont worry...
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Musa was at Shadow's house,talking and having fun playing the Wii game..
Musa:Hey No cheating Shadow!!:(
Shadow:Sorry Baby,I have to win first place!!
Musa:*Ding she Had an idea...she Kiss Shadow's lips and turns back around playing the game*
Shadow:*Blushes and looks back at the game*HuhO_O I LOST!!!>:(
Musa:Yes I win!!;)
Shadow:Ur Kiss distracted me!!*Blushes*
Musa:That was the idea!!^-^*Blushes*
Shadow:Heh I really do Любовь ur kiss!!*Grabs Musa and pin her down on the couch*U do Любовь me dont u Musa!!>:)*Licks Musa neck*
Musa:*Moans*Yes Shadow..^-^*Grabs Shadow's head*I really Любовь U!!*Grabs...
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posted by LunaAcores94
Brianna,Shade,and Kenea where at Sonic's house eating,talking and play the Wii game.Someone was knocking on the door and Brianna,Shade and Kenea thought it was that Bastard B**** Perv>..Everyone one hide and Sonic open the door..And it was Musa..
Musa:Hi SonSon!^-^
Brianna/Shade/Kenea:Ccchhaaarrrgggeeeee!!!*Jumps out*
Musa:AAaaahhhhhhhh!!!!*gets down*
Brianna:Scrouge doesnt scream like a girl!O___O
Shade/Kenea:ITs Musa!*Stops attacking*
Brianna:*Lands safely*~turns around and face Musa~Hi Musa!:)
Musa:Hi Brianna,Shade,Kenea!^-^
Sonic:Uh I was saying What are u doing here??*He didnt say anyting in...
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added by LunaAcores94
Brianna,Musa,Shade,Kanea and Luna where at Shadow's house to go see what the boys are doing...*All girls smile evily*..Meanwhile at Shadow's house,Mephlies,Scrouge,Shadow,Sonic,and knuckles where all relaxing on the roof...
Sonic:Zzzzz..!!! *How come the prev is here!!>:(*
Mephlies:Zzzzz..!!*How come the prev is here!!>:(*
Shadow:Zzzzz..!!!*How come the prev is here!!>:(*
Scrouge:Zzzzz..!!!*So nice*
Mephlies/Shadow:Did u hear that?!!
Knuckles:*Wakes up*I..I heard a twig snap!!-_-
Scrouge:*Wakes up also*Maybe its a hot lady watching us!!*smiles evily*>:)
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Durning Luna's House all the girls where playing the Wii game and chating!!!^-^Amy went home..
Luna:*Shout's out loud*HHHHHEEEEYYYYY!!!!!!!!!
Luna:Since all of u are in my home,I want everyone to go down the basement now!!
Luna's Basement..
Brianna:Yo Luna What are we going to do down here!!
Musa:This whole place is all messy*Yuck*
Shade:What gives Luna?>:0
Luna turned the switch on behind the cabnet and suddenly the whole place moved...The basement was an evlevator underground...
Brianna/Musa/Shade:IT MOVES!!!O_O
Luna:Yep Hang on to something!!
Brianna:How come??...
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Everyone gather the Amusement Park..Musa coverd Mephlies eyes...Brianna covered Shadow's eyes...
Mephlies/Shadow:Can u please let us see now!!>:(
Musa/Brianna:*Giggle and chuckled*
Musa:I know u'll like it^-^*Kisses Mephlies*
Brianna:Ur Welcome it was surprise from me and Musa!!;)*Kisses Shadow*
Shadow:Which one sould we ride first!!*Exicted*
Musa:We have to wait for Luna and Sonic!:0
Brianna:Yo Musa u thinking what im thinking!!*raise here eyebrow*
Musa:Dont tell me...That Sonic-kun is dating..
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Pretend Sonic Kiss Luna and Luna хлопать, привкус Sonic^-^...
The Далее день Brianna and Shadow were going out for 2 weeks already.Then came by Mephlies and Musa dating for 2 weeks also.They both stop and stared at each other....*Glare*
Mephlies:Well if isnt Shadow with little Miss Brianna!>:)*Grins evily*
Shadow:Ur one to talk Mephlies!>:(*Grins also*
Brianna:Hello Musa!:)
Musa:*Grabs Brianna and runs of with her and banned Mephlies and Shadow*
Brianna:Musa let go Whats wrong?*a little worry*
They were sitting under a дерево and looking up the sky
Musa:Its that..I..I.....
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Early in the Morning Luna woke up by Sonic and Wants to take Luna for an early walk throw the forest...
Luna:Are sure we can leave Brianna and Shadow alone here?!!
Sonic:Sure we can!!^-^
Luna:*Sigh*Find if this is trick I swear I will get u for this!!>:(
Sonic:No trick I swear*Grabs Luna and goes to the door open it and goes to the forest...Meanwhile at Mephlies house...
Mephlies:C'mon baby dont cry over Shadow!
Musa:But I cant!!*Crys more*
Mephlies:Grabs Musa and kissed her mouth Hardcore*
Musa:*stops crying and Kiss back*
Musa:*She forgot all about Shadow*
Back to Sonic's house....
Brianna:*Wakes up*Morning already!-_-*She felt something warm and soft and she looks down and it was Shadow*
Brianna:*Spoke softly*Omg finally IM sleeping with Shadow,Score!!!>.<*Shadow was still sleeping and Переместить his hand and grab Brianna head and Kiss her*
Brianna:*Brianna loves the Kiss and Kiss back and went back to sleep*
TO be countied......
When Shadow and Brianna came to save Musa and Luna suddenly glow came bright and some how Luna...U'll find out..
Scrouge:*Came in front of Shadow and wack him on the head*Heh Luna and Musa will be mine..*Scrouge bump into something and it was Mephlies and Meph caught Scrouge*
Mephlies:Well it seems I got the greening prev!!*Grins*
Brianna:Shadow..Shadow can u hear me!!*getting worry*
Shadow:*hears someone calling to him*Uh B-Brianna is that u??
Brianna:SHADOW!!!!*hugs Shadow*Ur okay!!*starts to cry*
Musa:Hey Shadow are u okay!!*kiss him on the cheek*
Shadow:*Got up and slowly backed...
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While Shadow and Brianna Поиск for Scrouge to save Luna and Musa..Sonic and Mephlies woke up and went back home..Meanwhile Scrouge's hideout(somewhere)..
Scrouge:Well ladies Who wants to go first!;)*Grins*
Scrouge:Whats that u both want to go first>:)
Luna/Musa:*Both moved there heads a NO!!
Scrouge:Well what I have here is a dice if ur # showed 3 times ur first to have s** with me!!Heh!
Luna/Musa:O_O*In there heads,NNNnnnnoooooooooooooo,Shadow Brianna SSSaaaavvvveeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuussssssssssssss*!!!!!!!!!!!
Scrouge:HEH Luna ur the odd # and Musa even #,Ha Let the game...
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Brianna and MoonLight came over to sonic's place to visit them and they ask where's Shadow but no one is here.Some strange person came by mysteriously...
MoonLight:Who сказал(-а) that??!
Brianna:*got out her gun and shots up at the ceiling*Gottcha u A**H**!!
Sonic:Nice shot Brianna!!;)
Brianna:Thanks Sonic!:)
??:*Ferious*WHY DID U DID THAT BRIANNA!!!>:(
Sonic:Wait a секунда that couldnt be...
Brianna:O_O Mephlies!!!!
Mephlies:Yeah Its me the one who got shot down by a Foxxy girl and fall of!!
Brianna:Sorry about that Meph:P Heres something for u and expect me apogly*Kisses Mephlies on the cheek*
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The Далее день MoonLight came to visit Brianna when she saw Brianna she had guns(2 of them)
Brianna:Get away from me u bastard!!>:(
Boy:C'mon baby u know u want me!!;)
*Brianna keeps on shoting and he came in close to her and kissed her on the cheek**Brianna blushed hard and band a huge explosion came out of no where*
MoonLight:Brianna are u alright!!>:(
Brianna:Hell yeah IM alright Wait what are u doing here??!!>:(
MoonLight:Hello I told u Im coming back to visit!!:P
Brianna:Whatever But thanks for coming We have problems,That bastrad came to my house in постель, кровати this morning!!!>:(
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posted by LunaAcores94
Birthday:July 19
Team Mates/Team White:Zackon the Fox,Daisy the Hedgehog,Miely and Miles twin bunnys and Nick the Bat
Hobbies:Making outfits,loves to sing
Powers:Reads minds when she touches other peoples foreheads или withoug tounching it,make things move,Once she sings her outfit changes and becomes a singer или Moonlight.Can turn them into humans
Personailty:Reads books(alot),enjoys with others,smiles no matter what,too shy to talk about hardcore and other stuff,be herself
Emotions:Joyful,Depressing,Angry,Laughable and Shocked
P.S.When she land it on a island she was 15 and was starting missions with her new team mates and a год later she know what to do and know how to fight(16 now)