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posted by JackLuver14
 Calla (blue eyes, мех sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
Calla (blue eyes, fur sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
"This is the best!" I exclaimed, having the time of my life. "I told Ты it was fun," Humphrey laughed. "So Humphrey really came up with this, Shakey?" I questioned. Humphrey сказал(-а) he'd thought of log катание на санях when he was a pup, but I hadn't really believed him. Shakey had nodded in response. I smiled, glad he had thought of something so fun.
We were log катание на санях down the hill. I was in front, then Humphrey, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch was in back. I was glad Humphrey was the one behind me; he was my Избранное out of their little group. When we were pups, we hung out all the time. In the beginning of last fall, I had gotten shipped off to Alpha school. What was weird though, was how Humphrey thought of log катание на санях during winter, when I was gone.
It was fall again, and I hadn't seen Humphrey and his Друзья in awhile. There was only one problem- I was an Alpha now. There wasn't really supposed to be time for fun. Just everything Omega's didn't do. I didn't really care, though. I was always еще fun loving, with a bit of serious, but I was born a leader. I just seriously hoped Dad wouldn't snap at me for this.
We were coming to the end of the холм, хилл now- and to a steep cliff. We howled with excitement. The log made a loud thump as it hit the ground. As we hit a rock and swerved to the side, Humphrey told Salty to press his paw on the ground to turn us straight again. To my surprise, it worked.
We hit another rock and flew off another cliff, we all fell off, and the log broke. Salty landed first, then Shakey, Mooch, Humphrey, and me on top. "Thanks for breaking my fall," I сказал(-а) while laughing. Humphrey got up and I fell off of his back. As everyone else got up and dusted themselves off, we burst out laughing. I heard Mom calling me back to the den. "I gotta go guys. Later, okay?" They all сказал(-а) bye as I trotted off. I shouted back, "It was great seeing Ты again, Humphrey!" He grinned and replied, "You too, Cal."
"Calla?" my mother called. I ran into the den. "Yeah, Mom?"
"Are Ты ready to hunt, dear?"
"Ready. Nervous, but ready."
"Go to the valley, then. Eric and Jason are waiting. Don't forget; lunge at it's neck and bite into it. Never let go until Ты don't feel it's pulse"
"Y-yeah.. won't forget," I stuttered. I rushed out of the den, back down the холм, хилл that lead up to our cliff-top den, and quietly eased into the valley. I immediately noticed three caribou, and I saw Eric and Jason crouching in the grass.
I got behind a куст, буш by where they were hiding in the трава and behind a дерево and whispered, "Hey guys. Ready?" They nodded and we slowly stalked up and I lunged at one caribou. Eric and Jason killed the other two. I remembered what my mom сказал(-а) as I bit into its neck and shuddered.
I licked my lips off and looked at the boys. They were already cleaned off and waiting for me so we could pull them back up to the pack. I looked up to the вверх of the cliff lining the valley and noticed Humphrey and the gang hanging out. Shakey was talking to Janice, Mooch and Salty were talking, and as I finally looked at Humphrey, we locked eyes. He smiled and I looked away, feeling awkward. "Lets go, guys," I сказал(-а) and we brought the caribous back up to the pack.
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i know this ain't A&O related, but i Любовь this movie and this song
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*Contains Sexual Content*
Kate And I Were having Fun Going Outside And Taking Showers ETC. One Night Kate Was Tired and i Put Her Into My постель, кровати And She Was In Belief
"Good Night Kate" Then i Kisses Her On her face
(at 11:00 P.M)
I Layled Далее To Kate And She woke Up wanna to see who it Was.
"Hey Katie It just me babe" *I Kisses Her And Touched Her G-Spot*
Kate Moans In Pressure " Oh Jhordan" Kate Moaned Replied
" Ты Like That Katie babe?" I Asked Her
"Oh Yes Do it Some More" She сказал(-а) To Me
* I Licked Her G-Spot and it Tasted Pretty Good*
" Oh Jhordan I'm Gonna..."
*Kate Spilled Her Juices Out Her G-Spot*...
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Jonathan and Buddy were Остаться в живых it was only me,Lily,Hank, and Ashely and we were in trouble then out of the silence a ear busting scream from Lily
I ran into a side room to see her laying face up on the floor her eyes open but she wasnt moving as I picked her up a dog with red eyes jumped out
Hank-Don't look into its eyes it will paraylize you
I shot it with my MG42 and put Lily over my shoulder and carried her down stairs when I remember blacking out I can't remember much I guess it will be another persons point of view I leave u with a goodnight season 2 will be out soon.

P.S. The Далее season will be written by me but from Hanks perspective
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 My Unexpected Boyfriend, Alex
My Unexpected Boyfriend, Alex
Note: This contains M/M Любовь (me and alex) and a sex scene. As Ты all know, Alex's mate, Sapphire, passed away today from Rabies. I was the unlucky one to put her down. It scarred me for life. Im not going to go to detail of her death. This takes place afterwards. Alex is my mate now (Katie and I are broken up temporarily and will get back in a месяц или two) and I am bisexual when it comes to furries. Well, Alex needs me and I will be there for him.

R.I.P Sapphire :(

It was a cold, rainy Saturday afternoon. Alex and I stood under a дерево that was marked with a tombstone. This tombstone belonged...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I had just gotten Главная from work and was ready to be greeted by the Любовь of my life. But when I walked in the door, she was no where to be found. I looked in the den, kitchen, living room, everywhere.

"Katie? Baby?" I called.

I suddenly heard crying from my bedroom. I recognized Katie's cries and I ran into the bedroom, hoping she was not hurt. I burst through the door, a pistol in my hand, ready to see if anyone was hurting Katie. But I was wrong. She was sitting on my bed, a box of tissues lied Далее to her. She had been crying for a while. I looked at the TV to see a mother волк playing...
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Go to www.Garthshome.com to play alpha and omega games или copy one of these symbols and use them for ur self sign up on my website foe Обновления pics and anything A&O related for a few good people I don't know ur full names so sorry if I spell it wrong

Lillylover62, and I wouldt be here today if it werent for Redpyrimad and metalwolf thxs u guys ur all my best freinds
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Source: волк Maker 2.1 by Wyndbain on DA
~Sunday~ The birds were cherpping peacefully out side the логово, ден as kate and Humphrey slept Далее to each other . Suddenly Shakey comes in and say “Humphrey get up! Wanna go log boarding come on man we found this new trail its mad awesome!” “Ugh shut up leave me alone im going on a trip with kate to Hawaii we’re taking the night plane shakey so go fuck off” Ответы Humphrey then shakey says “Ya forget I asked god dam it your no fun any more” .
~Later~ Humphrey awakes and start packing stuff for kate and him including some extra Кости to get them through the week in Hawaii. Humphrey...
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now like i сказал(-а) before: i'm not really happy with the new titles on the final 3 sequels. i mean, sure. i'm still gonna watch all 3 of them, cause i'm a Alpha and Omega fan. why wouldn't i? i'm just sayin': they could've made much better titles. that being said, even if the Название of Alpha and Omega 8 still sounds kinda ridiculous - i mean, Journey to медведь Kingdom? really? - i'm not gonna lie: i actually see hope to this last movie. yea sure, it's called like that for some reason, but what if it's just the name of the place they're talking about, like there's just a lotta bears around there and...
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(Ever wonder if Humphrey had any siblings? Like a long Остаться в живых sister? With a dark past? Who he truly cared about. But was later forgotten. Let's find out.)

Night time in Jasper Park everyone is asleep.The moon glows Bright in the sky full of stars. The crickets are heard and the river flows, perfectly. However, Humphrey is not asleep.

Humphrey walked around in circles around the den. He had been doing this for about five hours, already.
His mate Kate was sleeping with Stinky, Runt and Claudette. Runt was sleeping on the логово, ден floor with Stinky sleeping on вверх of him. He didn't seem to mind. Claudette...
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sharing some music, just for the hell of it
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posted by lonewolf8547
The woods were thick and sound. Ты could hear the birds chirping and see the trees. there was snow on the ground, yet I didn't feel cold. I looked down to my feet shocked to see that they had been replaced by a claw. I looked to my arms to see they had been replaced by two long white wings. I had shape shifted into a snow owl!
    Shocked at the events that happened before my eyes. I stumbled around frantically. looking like a chicken with its head chopped off. I fell right to my back making snow fly up like powder. I slowly and carefully got back to my talons. I spread...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
“Humpfrey !!” shout Garth. “Huh ?? What ???” сказал(-а) Humpfray in jumping. “Sorry for the alarm clock but 5 coyottes was saw this night near ours terittories” replied Garth. Kate wakes up “Ho Ты are already here ??” сказал(-а) Kate surprised. But after she see the regard of the two boys, she knows what happen. “Alright I'm stay here with the pups, Humpfrey ??” сказал(-а) Kate. “yes ??” ask Humpfrey, “Be prudent...” Ответы Kate. “Let's go now, Ho and Lilly come to help Ты and for...” Garth look Claudette surrounded by the other pups. “Yes I hope she woken up today...”...
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