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posted by JackLuver14
 Calla (blue eyes, мех sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
Calla (blue eyes, fur sorta like Kate, brown tipped tail)
"This is the best!" I exclaimed, having the time of my life. "I told Ты it was fun," Humphrey laughed. "So Humphrey really came up with this, Shakey?" I questioned. Humphrey сказал(-а) he'd thought of log катание на санях when he was a pup, but I hadn't really believed him. Shakey had nodded in response. I smiled, glad he had thought of something so fun.
We were log катание на санях down the hill. I was in front, then Humphrey, Salty, Shakey, and Mooch was in back. I was glad Humphrey was the one behind me; he was my Избранное out of their little group. When we were pups, we hung out all the time. In the beginning of last fall, I had gotten shipped off to Alpha school. What was weird though, was how Humphrey thought of log катание на санях during winter, when I was gone.
It was fall again, and I hadn't seen Humphrey and his Друзья in awhile. There was only one problem- I was an Alpha now. There wasn't really supposed to be time for fun. Just everything Omega's didn't do. I didn't really care, though. I was always еще fun loving, with a bit of serious, but I was born a leader. I just seriously hoped Dad wouldn't snap at me for this.
We were coming to the end of the холм, хилл now- and to a steep cliff. We howled with excitement. The log made a loud thump as it hit the ground. As we hit a rock and swerved to the side, Humphrey told Salty to press his paw on the ground to turn us straight again. To my surprise, it worked.
We hit another rock and flew off another cliff, we all fell off, and the log broke. Salty landed first, then Shakey, Mooch, Humphrey, and me on top. "Thanks for breaking my fall," I сказал(-а) while laughing. Humphrey got up and I fell off of his back. As everyone else got up and dusted themselves off, we burst out laughing. I heard Mom calling me back to the den. "I gotta go guys. Later, okay?" They all сказал(-а) bye as I trotted off. I shouted back, "It was great seeing Ты again, Humphrey!" He grinned and replied, "You too, Cal."
"Calla?" my mother called. I ran into the den. "Yeah, Mom?"
"Are Ты ready to hunt, dear?"
"Ready. Nervous, but ready."
"Go to the valley, then. Eric and Jason are waiting. Don't forget; lunge at it's neck and bite into it. Never let go until Ты don't feel it's pulse"
"Y-yeah.. won't forget," I stuttered. I rushed out of the den, back down the холм, хилл that lead up to our cliff-top den, and quietly eased into the valley. I immediately noticed three caribou, and I saw Eric and Jason crouching in the grass.
I got behind a куст, буш by where they were hiding in the трава and behind a дерево and whispered, "Hey guys. Ready?" They nodded and we slowly stalked up and I lunged at one caribou. Eric and Jason killed the other two. I remembered what my mom сказал(-а) as I bit into its neck and shuddered.
I licked my lips off and looked at the boys. They were already cleaned off and waiting for me so we could pull them back up to the pack. I looked up to the вверх of the cliff lining the valley and noticed Humphrey and the gang hanging out. Shakey was talking to Janice, Mooch and Salty were talking, and as I finally looked at Humphrey, we locked eyes. He smiled and I looked away, feeling awkward. "Lets go, guys," I сказал(-а) and we brought the caribous back up to the pack.
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posted by AlphaWolfCurt
Эй, guys this will be my final message to Ты guys ,as this club has gone to shit and i honestly couldn't be bothered even opening the page and logging in.

For the ones who know who i am and even for the ones who don't here are some other contact methods if Ты wanna chat или anything :).



There are some methods of contact
i'll see Ты all later, have fun enjoy yourself
and so forth

Hopefully I'll Talk to Ты On Other Sites
posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2: The Beast Attacks

Nick Wolfe sat at the edge of the creek, the same one where he met Princess yesterday. He looked around, trying to see if there was anymore fish. Luckily enough, there was a big, fat Burbot swimming the shallows. Nick Wolfe stealthily sneaked up on the Burbot, and then grabbed it with his mouth.

"Gotcha!" Nick Wolfe exclaimed, carrying the Burbot in his mouth.

"Nice catch..." Princess congratulated, smiling a little. Nick Wolfe walked over to Princess and gave her the Burbot.

"For you!" Nick Wolfe happily exclaimed, his tail wagging. Princess blushed and ate the fish....
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posted by TimberHumphrey
The whole thing started in a gorgeous valley not too far off Jasper Park. Everybody in the pack lived in harmony, thanks to their leaders, Tom and Sarah. One day, the couple gave birth to a male puppy, in which they decided to call him Humphrey. It should've been luckiest день for the pack. But, everything changed when they valley gets attacked by enemy wolves, led by an evil кенгуру called Hunter. Hunter wanted to get revenge on everybody, cause Tom was chosen as the leader of the pack and not him. He and the enemy Волки burned down everything in the valley, leaving nothing but ashes. Winston...
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posted by Ricoh_Alpha_626
**Authors Note-Hey guys, I'm trying like crazy to keep the Обновления flowing, but getting to type is hit and miss lately. Hope Ты enjoy what I manage to get out.**

"Tiberius, are we getting close," Hutch shouted hopefully as the blizzard-like winds attempted to push the two Волки back the way they had came. Hutch could barely see a foot in front of his face, and what he could manage to see was blanketed in snow. He had thought that the Jasper park winters were cold. but this made those look like nothing.

"I think so, just hold out for a little bit longer, if we don't find them over this ridge,...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
Humphrey: [he, Lilly and Runt come back from Shadow Forest] Hi Eve.
Lilly: Hi mom
Eve: There Ты are! Why are Ты so late? Dinner's gotten cold.
Humphrey: Runt had an... incident.
Runt: [laying on Humphrey's back, trembling his legs] Dad, i'm fine!
Kate: What did Ты see?
Runt: Nothing.
Tony: [struggles in his sleep] Stay away! Stay away!
Claudette: Something got your мех in a bunch?
Stinky: Little bro, you're... you're as pale as a coyote.
Runt: A coyote? [scoofs] Really?
Stinky: Hey, did Ты alert the critters that the Omegas are the new kings of the forest?
Runt: No. I will tomorrow
Kate: I think a different...
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posted by WolfRaider577
Note: this is a remake from the mw3 story of last year.
one night salty,shakey,mootch,and Humphrey were waiting in line on game stop for the midnight release of call of duty black ops2 for Xbox and Ps3. when it was midnight they got the game for Xbox and Humphrey got it for Xbox and Ps3. thank god i Preorder it Humphrey сказал(-а) the Далее день Humphrey went to Kates house She сказал(-а) she will rent the Hunger games on bluray and they would watch it tonight.
later that день Humphrey was hunting with his HK g3 assault винтовка when Scar and claw hunting Humphrey spread the word black ops party at my house he...
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Here is a song requested by my good friend Wolfman32 Enjoy!!
Альфа и Омега Клыкастая братва
posted by SentinelPrime89
Darkness had settled in as the small family of Волки walked down a freezing road towards a lit-up gas station. It hadn't taken Humphrey long to recognize the place and remember the predicament him and his wife endured there.

Humphrey lifted a paw before Kate's face and held it there until saying, "Oh, my God. It can't be. Kate, bite my paw. Please bite it."

Kate looked at Humphrey, then down towards his back and back up to his face. "What?" She asked inquistively.

"Bite it!" Humphrey pleaded.

Kate answered with an "Okay" and bit down firmly on his paw. Humphrey gasped and quickly pulled it...
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posted by Shadow0130
*One год After Alpha School*

"Shadow, get up Shadow!" I awoke to Troy yelling at me.
"What is it? It must only be a bit after sunrise." I got up groggy from last night's patrol on the border to find Troy at my dens entrance blocking the sunlight.
"It's Victor, he wants to go to the Southern Pack to issue a final peace meet with it's pack leader, and I thought Ты could use a break from border patrol..." He turned towards Victor's логово, ден when I had exited mine.
"Alright, sounds like fun. When is it?" Troy looked at me then started trotting over towards his den, "It's right now? Well gee thanks for...
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Kate & Humphrey Adventures.
Fall of 2011 Chapter 5. Part 1of 1. “The marriage!”

    Kate: Everyone calm down! Please be quite!

Humphrey: Ты want help?

Kate: Sure, but I doubt Ты can...

Humphrey: Everyone shut the hell up! Kate wants to speak!

Kate: Wow thanks.

Humphrey: Yep anytime.

Kate: OK, Ты all know that the bears have been killing us. They are going berserk and killing или injuring everything. Humphrey here is a great example how brutal they can be. His wounds have finally healed, but he still is bruised up and really soar. Last week a young волк named Kyle was...
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After a few hours of howling, Kate and Humphrey started walking down the холм, хилл to the alpha den, meanwhile they were walking Humphrey notices how hot Kate looked under the moons shine. Ones they entered the логово, ден they both saw Winston, Eve and Lilly sound asleep.Humphrey looked at Kate how was staring into space.

"Something wrong Kate" Humphrey asked.

"No, I'm just felling cold" Kate replied and started to shiver.

"I can fix that" Humphrey replied with a warm smile.

As both starred at each other romantically for a few минуты .

"I'd Любовь that" Kate replied Happily.

Then Humphrey started to lead Kate...
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I did not make this song или movie hope Ты all like it and give him credit!
 I put this here for fun :D
I put this here for fun :D
As I woke up to Lillian waking up to Lilly looking for her. I looked at Lilly and she whispered "its okay it will be are little secret but garth is kind of upset" "I say thank you" I walk into my логово, ден to see my mom awake but not dad. I walk up to her and say "mom is it okay if I go to Lillian's today with Pip?" she gave me a look and сказал(-а) "soo Ты like her don't you?" I quickly shot back "NO I do not like her shes my friend" then she walks up to me and says "hmm hard to believe when Ты were sleeping outside with her" "okay yes I like her and I am gonna go to the moonlight howl with her tomrrow...
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One night humphery was in his логово, ден laying down with kate cuddling up against him asleep. Humphery got up slowly not to wake kate. He got up and walked outside and started walking away from the cave to garths and lillys den.when he got there he went in side and awoke garth that was asleep with lilly and told him to do him a favor. Garth agreed, so they both walked out side and went into the forest,"were are we going?".garth said."deep into the woods"."whats the favor"."you'll see". After about 10 минуты of walking humphery and garth come to a clearing. "so whats the fav"---before he can finish...
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The third howl. Humphrey got up and ran faster than he ever had before to the alpha station.

"Whats the matter is someone hurt?!" Humphrey сказал(-а) painting.

He looked at the other alphas but did not see Kate. The others looked in shock.

"Where's Kate?!"

"Humphrey, Kate didn't make it, a hunter snuck up on them and killed her." Winston said.

Humphrey froze, he felt like a statue of glass that had been broken into a million pieces.

"No." Was all Humphrey could say.

Winston nodded.

Humphrey looked at thw only alpha that looked like it could speak.

"What happened?" Humphrey сказал(-а) with his eyes still huge from the suprise.

"Kate was shot by a hunter in трава behind her, we chased the hunter off but it was too late. She told me to tell Ты to give all of your Любовь that Ты gave to her to someone else. AKA, find someone else."
the Далее morning

my pov

i woke up the Далее morning and walked outside seeing charlie walking up "hey charlie whats up" i asked "um what rank are you' charlie asked "well i guess i'm an omega but Ты andswered my Вопрос wrong the sky is up" i said" oh i get ha ha ha" charlie сказал(-а) "wow Ты have a beautiful laugh" i сказал(-а) awe your sweet any way did Ты want to come" charlie asked "sure" i сказал(-а)


we finished swiming

"hey do Ты think there is a cave behind that water fall" i сказал(-а) "yes there is i'm the only one who knows about it" charlie сказал(-а) "cool i want to see it" i сказал(-а) we went into the cave...
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