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An Amuto one-shot
hope Ты enjoy!

‘You know, Amu…,’ he was sitting there again, on the ledge of the window, staring wistfully outside. ‘All of them think you’re gone. But I know better. Ты are alive, I know it. Somewhere out there, you’re thinking about me too, aren’t you?’
He was talking again, talking to the moon. ‘You’ll never admit it but Ты have already fallen for me,’ he smirked at the moon. No, not the moon. It was Amu’s blushing face that he saw and it was her voice that he heard, ‘Shut up!’ he didn’t know it was the echo of his memories because he thought...
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posted by Cutiechick47
The fourth book of shugo chara encore came out around August, and it was also the final D: but some good news to those of whom who are amuto Фаны it turned out to be a amuto ending!!Now that i found this out i'm much less mad at the ending to the anime, so sorry for throwing a tempertantrum on my Назад Статья *3*.
Okay so now what the last book was about. As Nikaidou and Sanjou's wedding is ariving Ikuto desides to come back to Япония for the wedding. Amu desides to meet him at "their" amusement park. Amu is glad to finally see him but, is worried that she won't ever see him again. After...
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posted by miofromk-on
1.    Being Your-Self.

Yes we all remember when Tadase first confessed to Amu, but was it really to her? He сказал(-а) he liked her "Would Be Self" and just hearing that makes me hurt. If someone сказал(-а) they like Ты in a different way would Ты go and change? Will Amu didn't, she just kept remembering that moment. Yet Ikuto notes to have a crush on her and over time it grows bigger and what we can call "Love"?? Which leads me to number 2...

2. What is Love?

Ok we also know that Amu likes/loves Tadase to say . But what is like? Does she just like the way he looks или how he acts? Because...
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