Angry Birds (Энгри Бердс) Angry Birds Lesson 3 – Get to Know the Mighties

Patrick-Star54 posted on Oct 26, 2012 at 01:20AM
In this “totally destructive” instruction video, we will briefly introduce you to the three “Mighties”: The Mighty Eagle, the Mighty Dragon, and the Mighty Space Eagle. Whether you are curious about how to use the Mighties, or if they are available for your device, or if you just can’t get a feel for getting feathers, we hope to help you here with the very basics.

There is a lot more information about these characters in the following posts:

Mighty Eagle: Platform and app availability, pricing information, and more. Plus, hundreds of walkthrough videos if you need help.
Mighty Dragon: Platform availability and further information. Plus, walkthrough videos for every Dragon-y level.
Mighty Space Eagle: Platform availability, in-depth pricing information, and lots more. Plus, walkthrough videos for absolutely every level of Angry Birds Space.

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