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Source: Copyright to Steven Spielberg and others.
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Source: From Steven Spielber's Animaniacs.
 Wakko Warner
Wakko Warner
Whereas all other cartoon characters who wear kid gloves (most of them wear white kid gloves) may not potentially confuse animators and laypeople alike, drawing white gloves on Yakko, Wakko, and Dot's hand confuses countless people because their feet are also white. Animators drew gloves on cartoon characters, especially in the early days of Анимация (gloves were fashionable back then), so the character's hands showed up еще easily. With the Warner Sibs however, white gloves on their hands only makes matters worse and confusing. Why couldn't they have just not drawn gloves on their hands...
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Hello, Aldrine2016 there. Since either Seanthehedgehog или AnimeFan66 failed to write my part 2 request, I think this will be the first part 2 of an Aldrine2016 fanfic written by myself.

After Dot returned to the tower, everyone looked at her, who was still in her and her brother's home, confused.

Yakko: Well, she made us all laugh.
Director: And since her haircut was too horrible and funny to be filmed in our new episode, let's change our episode so that only Ты two appear. [points to Yakko and Wakko]
Yakko: So that Ты can film it while avoiding our sister's haircut.
Director: Now, let's get filming!...
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The following was requested by Aldrine2016.

The Animaniacs went back to the park with their new friends, The Powerpuff Girls.

Yakko: Be careful with the statue though. It kicked us.
Wakko: All because we сказал(-а) hello to it.
Blossom: Well, it doesn't seem to be doing that anymore.
Yakko: Ah, good.

A laser hit the statue, making it melt.

Yakko: Uh, did one of Ты three do that?
Blossom: No.
Buttercup: Where did that come from?
Bubbles: *Points up at the sky* Look!

Mojo Jojo was wearing a jetpack, and carrying two blasters.

Mojo Jojo: Haha!! I have returned to cause еще destruction, because I want to hurt...
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