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Madoka stood on her porch talking to herself in her head. “Can we cure Gingka the same way Манга Yugi did to Yusei, или is it different?” She сказал(-а) to herself in her mind. “…I’m so sorry Gingka.” She сказал(-а) to herself. Madoka took out her laptop computer. She stared at a picture of her and the rest of the gang. “…Whatever happens, I’ll get Ты back.” She said. “Ha Ha Ha Ha, Эй, Madoka come check this out!” One of the mangas said. “Uh, in a minute!” Madoka сказал(-а) as she stared back at the picture on her laptop. “Uh…ok.” The Манга said.

For that afternoon Madoka stared...
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One time in a world did not now of all card games lived in peace and harmony. But all peace shall always come to an end… One day, a день very much like today a huge crystal known as SaberX rose to the sky. Little did we know that inside that crystal held a mysterious power that would mean doom to all card games. SaberX started to glow and then all the card games started to battle each other no mater what card game they were from. Bakugan battling Yu-gi-oh, Yu-gi-oh battled Pokemon, Pokemon battling with Beyblade. At that point there was little hope for everyone in the card game universe…...
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That night stayed peaceful. Madoka went to sleep but the Mangas stayed up to train... During the training the mangas began to talk. Things like “Did Ты notice her stare?” and “I wonder what’s wrong with her…” Came up. Although regardless of the words they spoke the mangas continued to train; just like any other army would do. Mean while upstairs above the training room Madoka had gotten up to the noise the mangas made. “…So they know…” Madoka сказал(-а) with a depressed look on her face.

About an час later the mangas quit their training. “…Should we tell her?” One of...
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Deidara:*woke* Where am I?

???:Oh,You are awake.

A guy who has got blonde hair and ambercolored eyes,came in,accompanied by a guy in an Armour.

Deidara:Who are you? And why am I here?

???:I am Edward Elric,and this is my Brother Alphonse.*points to the Armour Guy*

Deidara:I am Deidara,nice to meet you.

Edward:I don't know how Ты came in here,but I think the Homunkuli opened a portal to another World.

Deidara:The What?

Alphonse:The Homunkuli are really dangerous,but they have got the Philosopher's stone.We need it to get our Bodies back.

Deidara:So Ты are fighting against them?

Edward:Yes,we are. I think Ты can't use alchemy,so we can teach Ты using this.

To be continued...
The morning started gracefully. Madoka had got up first to make breakfast. “Yum!” Манга Gingka сказал(-а) as he tasted Madokas home-made breakfast. Madoka stared at Манга Gingka for a second. “Thanks, Ты know your real-self thought the same way…” Madoka сказал(-а) as she sat by Манга Gingka. “Really, well that would make sense because we’re the same character…” Манга Gingka said. “You do have a point.” Madoka agreed as she stared at Манга Gingka. Манга Gingka turned to Madoka. “Um…can Ты please stop staring at me; I can’t eat when you’re staring at me like that?” Manga...
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