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The strong girls make an Аниме еще exciting,right? in magical girls series the main character always pink,frilly and girly character and they have power to save, find something,or have special mission.
The topic is STRONG GIRLS so it's okay if they strong...and i have category или criteria for strong girls... so if Ты want to know,just look it!

1.They have enough power cause it's really important to be strong this criteria often in Аниме that hav action или not to girly.
2.Magical power if just a few power its okay.
3.Likes to fight in magical girls series the girls have a magic power maybe at...
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I really adore Аниме girls especially if those Аниме girls CAN FIGHT!!.... I would give Ты some of my fave Аниме girls who can fight....

*kanade tachibana and yurippe of Энджел beats!
*Sango of inuyasha
*shizuku sangou, akane mishima of kampfer..
*Lucy of Elfen Lied
*saeko and rei of HOTD
*Shana of shakugan no shana
and so many еще that i wanna mention...

The reason why i like girls who can fight is that they are the main factor who makes that Аниме еще intense..especially when it reached to its climax parts and i saw that 'THAT' Переместить was amazing, this made my day...

Honestly, i despise girls Who...
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I am a Фан of cosplay it has changed my life so much I used to be so boring but know im Популярное in my school and at Аниме cons I think cosplay is very cool so I have a lot I also buy a lot of it I put the rite makeup on my frends also Любовь cosplay of animes. I have SEEN ALOT OF ANIME!!!! I hope Ты all like cosplay to.one time I was waking at walmart in D Gray Man cosplay and all the peopol were so scared the ran and some were like OMG what the hell so they asked for a фото and some one seen my frends with allen,konda,lavi, cosplay and seen the wepons and were so creeped out LOL. well eney a/Q tell me I hope Ты like this фото im going to put up ;).
 shigi Boshi No Futago Hime. The first season.
shigi Boshi No Futago Hime. The first season.
Well, many were asking why the FBNFH were different from their Манга and why are there some new character. Here Ты go.

Anime character:
-Shade/ Eclipse
-And blablablabla

Well, for the FBNFH Манга reader, Ты might see a few names which is unfamiliar for you. And who is Shade? Is he Eclipse? The answer:

In the manga, eclipse is a mysterious prince while in the anime, eclipse is the disguise for prince Shade when he is doing mission. Altezza is Bright's little sister. She did appear in the manga...
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posted by deathnotefan48
Guess what this is going to be about that's right Аниме girls.Futuristic,ice ages,dinusaur days,knights,aliens,wolfs или whatever they all are great.With different shapes,sizes,hairstyles,styles and different animes they all have a very important role as an Аниме charactor.
They could be a mother,a friend,a werido,a lover,or the main character they all make the Аниме better.That's why I decided to make this for all my Аниме girl Влюбленные like me.By the way I can draw and I draw Аниме girls too.Cause I'm a girl that's a Фан of Аниме GIRLS.So draw yah own Аниме girl cause they are truly great.Comment about this !
posted by tomanori
Hey. Nost people wright Аниме Фильмы and stuff but I would like to ask a Вопрос instead. I heard of some boy's that the where actualy in Любовь with Аниме girl. My Вопрос is is that possible. - mean oke they are so amaingly cute and stuff and I wouldn't mind dating one myself but aren't tjey yust hurting themselves? It isn't like they can gon in to a Аниме and ask one out on a дата it will alway's be watching them from a screen или manga. They aren't real so is this fair Любовь или not becouse in my eyes this is yust somthing Ты shouldn't try for yourself.