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posted by LunaShay
December 1, 1983 Motoko Aoyama (Love Hina)
December 1 Juri Arisugawa (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
December 1 Yuko Kawai (Mizuiro Jidai)
December 1 Ai Minamizato (Kakyuusei)
December 1 Pegasus Seiya (Saint Seiya)
December 1 Momo the Monkey (Tenshi no Shippo: Otogi Story PETS)
December 1 Yuuki Tokugawa (E'S)
December 1, 1973 Akiko Nakagawa (voice actor) Pastel (Fortune Quest L), цветок girl (Macross 7), Miyuki (Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo)
December 2, 1966 Lucky Glauber (King of Fighters)
December 2 Kotoko Minazuki (Tokimeki Memorial 2)
December 2 Manabu "Gaku" Tobe (Brave Command Dagwon)...
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 keiichi from La Corda D'oro
keiichi from La Corda D'oro
A Collection of Unforgettable
Аниме Character Lines and Quotes

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Idiots, Tests and Summoned Beings)
"I want to prove them that grades aren't everything!"
>>Yuuji Sakamoto

"Effort is nothing but a means to an end."
>>Akira Yoshii

Cardcaptor Sakura
"Even monsters got sick."
>>Touya Kinomoto referring to Sakura

"Will she seriously...
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Dragon Ball Z Фан fiction.

Chapter 1: No Royal Road to Peace

"Where is he, Vegeta?" Гоку charged. His nemesis stood not еще than twenty feet away, clad in regal garments and with an air of arrogant nobility about him. The larger warrior tightened his muscles until the veins in his arms looked ready to burst.

"What are Ты talking about, Kakarott?” inquired the royal. “What the hell are Ты doing here?" The guards protectively surrounding the Prince of the Saiyans did not take their eyes off of the intruder for a split-second.

"You know exactly who I'm talking about, Vegeta! Ты had no right...
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posted by tigerwolf
 this is the cover of the book
this is the cover of the book
this is from my Избранное MONSTER. it's a story about a monster with out a name the story name is the nameless monster.Franz Bonaparta is a characters from monster he wrote the story.that ends up affect Johan and Anna's Liebert life and others. this story is suppose to hypnotize kids and turn them into perfect killers. i hope Ты enjoy it!

A long, long time назад in a land far away, There was a monster without a name. The monster wanted a name so badly. So the monster left to go on a journey to find a name. But the world was so large that he трещина, сплит into two to make his journey. One went to the west...
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FMA:B is the most overrated Аниме I've seen!
Brotherhood has a lot of followers,but I'm afraid I'm likely in the minority here,but let's throw following the Манга out for a секунда as a reason why Brotherhood could possibly be better and allow me to pose the following topical question...how on earth is Brotherhood a better Показать than the original FMA anime?
I've seen very little in the way of substantial evidence that would equate to Brotherhood being a еще well-done series,aside from "It actually followed the manga" bullsh*t (sorry about that).This is understandable as a criticism from those...
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Domino High students have been disappearing and now they had a lot of new students transferring and a lot of them are weird too.
"Alright class first we have Saya Otonashi." The teacher сказал(-а) as a girl with short black hair and red eyes walked in.
"Hello." She сказал(-а) then waled to her сиденье, место, сиденья Далее to Joey.
"Then we have Kagome Higurashi."A girl with long black hair and doe like eyes walked in.
"And an Inuyasha...Don't Ты have a last name sir?" The teacher asked.While a boy with long white hair and Yellow eyes came in through the window.
"No." InuYasha сказал(-а) turning his head and pouting.The InuYasha and...
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 Blue Reflection луч, рэй 96% score.
Blue Reflection Ray 96% score.
Blue Reflection луч, рэй Review.
A fascinating show. The surface story is a well designed and plotted magical girl Показать where the protagonists try to protect other girls' negative feelings from being "consumed" by the antagonists for their own use.

But the Показать subverts Аниме tropes to create a sense of foreboding, and the way the Показать plays with the characters' perception of reality makes the viewer Вопрос everything they see. The theme of hundreds of girls and women living with social anxiety, depression, imposter syndrome and other mental health problems is a dark commentary on the mores and...
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This is a japanese romantic comedy shōjo Манга series written and illustrated by Junko and published by Kodansha in 2013. The Аниме belongs to the genre of romantic comedy, reverse harem & Shoujo.
The story is about a high school Otaku girl who is totally obsessed with Anime, Manga, Cosplay etc & loves Яой romance. But one день accidentally she becomes beautiful and so the atmosphere around her changes as the school boys starts to дата with her. She was at first scared that if she can become an otome from otaku but as the series progress the protagonist also made progress. The anime...
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posted by Windwakerguy430
Well, here we go again. Sorry for the complete lack of an actual real review for quite some time. I was busy with school, work, family, and a bunch of things Ты don’t care about, because Ты only came for a review. Well, a review is what Ты are going to get. So, let me introduce Ты to D-Frag. It’s pretty underrated, so why don’t I review this? I've got nothing better to review.
So, D-Frag is an Аниме by Studio Brain’s Base, who have worked on Princess Jellyfish, Durarara, and my personal favorite, Baccano. The series was also licensed by Madman Entertainment, who have worked on Dragon...
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Masshiro peeji mekuru
Tobidasu irodoru hajikeru
Mangekyou no fuukei

Turning the snow-white page
Scenery jumps out and bursts into color
Like a kaleidoscope

Kidzukeba sutoorii wa mada
Gikochinaku hajimatta bakari
Shinkokyuu wo mou ikkai

But now I realize the story still
Had a clumsy beginning
So I take another deep breath

Tabisuru kaze
Tsutsumikomu Ты ni senaka osu

The traveling wind
Wraps itself around me and pushes me forward

Aa yawarakakute atatakai kimi no te
Nigirishimete sono kokoro no oku made todoku Ты ni
Hohoende kureta nara
Nigiri kaeshite kuretara
Boku wa tada mae wo miteru

Ah, I grasp...
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 Spirited Away.
Spirited Away.
That is one of the best Фильмы I've ever seen! I watched it many years назад as a child. And to this день i Любовь this Movie.

Chihiro she is a little girl who got her parents tooken away from her. But she learns to man up later on in the movie. And she finally gets her parents back with Haku's help. so it turns out to look like she is a cry baby. But later she owns up to it and gets a job and helps spirits in the bathhouse. Later Chihiro fins the strength to get her way back to her family. And face all of the dangers that lied ahead. Plus some of them could be horror spirits for those of Ты who...
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posted by Windwakerguy430
Light: (Watching Attack on Titan) What the hell can that guy do that I can’t
Eren: (Kills a Titan)
Light: ………… (Writes Eren’s name in the Death Note)
Eren: (Gets eaten by a Titan)
Light: HA HA!
Eren: (Transforms into a Titan)


L: (In laptop) Okay, hello everyone. I’m L, the world’s greatest detective. Who are Ты all
Soichiro: I am Soichiro, but Ты will all call me Chief, no matter what. I am the chief-
L: Of course
Soichiro: And… actually, that’s about it
Aizawa: I’m Aizawa, and I am rarely taken seriously because of my suit
L: Yeah…….. Your suit
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posted by Windwakerguy430
Light: Hello, I name is Light Yagami, and I kill people….. let me start over
(Please Stand By)
Light: Hi, I’m Light. I kill people- Goddamnit
(Please Stand By)
Light: Hi, I am Light Yagami. I like murder- FUCK
(Please Stand By)
Light: I’m Light Yagami. That’s all Ты need to know. End of story.

Intro: link

Light: (Looking out the window when he see’s a notebook fall from the sky) …… The hell is that? Mr. Teacherman, may I be excused
Teacher: NO!
Light: ‘Kay
(After class)
Light: (Picks up the notebook) OOOOOHH! A depressed emo’s diary. I wonder what’s insi- (Opens book) There’s nothing...
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So, I want to talk about an amazing Аниме that has so many fans. I watched it, and I can see why people like it so much… BUT, although I do like it… It has its problems. That Аниме is Death Note.
Now, Death Note is an Аниме that is about a school student named Light Yagami, who finds a dangerous book called the Death Note, which gives him the ability to kill anyone whose name is written in the book. This then leads him to create a new world order and kill all the worlds criminals, but he is then being hunted down by the police and L, the worlds greatest detective, but always manages to...
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posted by QueenOfTheDaze
:T So, I hear Your An Otaku? :T

Well Im an Anime/Manga enthusiast never considered myself an otaku and never will I Любовь Anime/Manga As much as the Далее person или maybe even еще but because of that I'm Going to Give Ты a Guide To what the word REALLY means.

In Japan, the word can be most closely equated to the English word “geek,” but the meaning is not as simple as that. Otaku is also defined in Япония as a word that defines a person who has obsessive interests, and can apply to a wide variety of topics, including anime, manga, cosplay, collectibles and more.

Why Do They Take it The Wrong...
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posted by MiraniaTriforce
What are your Избранное distribution companies?

It seems online streaming is really Популярное so I'm not sure how many of Ты even purchase dvd's anymore.

some of these companies have become defunct and some like Pioneer don't even have much information that they even excisted.

Regardless that purchasing Аниме is going down a bit, always remember that some of these companies bridged the way to the Аниме boom in the united states among other places.

A Список of anime/distribution companies
many started by dubbing или subbing Аниме in the 1980s.

Streamline pictures


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Taken from Petition Spot for those who disliked May или Dawn replacing Misty & yuo all really just want her back on the cast & not rendered a minor character, now who's with me:
We, the Фаны of the Аниме Показать known as "Pokemon", humbly request to the Writers and the Producers of the Показать in Япония to allow the character Misty (Kasumi) to be again one of the main characters of the show.


The undersigned


What if Ты were дана a chance to redo part of your high-school years to craft a better life for your adult self? Such is the opportunity offered to Arata Kaizaki, main character of the Манга and Аниме “ReLife”.
The 13-episode Аниме adaptation of “ReLife” has been confirmed to receive four additional episodes and a new story arc, reports Аниме News Network

The episodes will go directly to Blu-ray and DVD which will go on sale starting March 2018.
This new 4-episode story arc will reportedly follow the 13th episode of the anime. It will also end with the conclusion of Arata Kaizaki’s...
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AI meaning "love" (愛藍) - Japanese girl name.
AIKA meaning "love song" (愛佳) - Japanese girl name.
AIKO meaning "child of love" (愛子) - Japanese girl name.
AIMI meaning "love beautiful" (愛美) - Japanese girl name.
AINA meaning "love vegetables" (愛菜) - Japanese girl name.
AIRI meaning "love jasmine" (愛莉) - Japanese girl name.
AKANE meaning "brilliant red" (茜) - Japanese girl name.
AKEMI meaning "bright beautiful" (明美) - Japanese girl name.
AKI meaning "bright / autumn" (明 / 秋) - Japanese unisex name.
AKIHIRO meaning "great brightness" (明宏) - Japanese boy name.
AKIKO meaning...
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posted by grayza_love07
~07 Ghost~

February 3 – Shuri Oak
March 3 – Mikage
July 8 – Hyuuga
September 25 – Kuroyuri
October 15 – Hakuren Oak
December 1 – Teito Klein
December 24 – Castor

~Akihabara Dennou-Gumi / Cyber Team in Akihabara~

March 3, 1998 – Hibari Hanakoganei
May 5, 1997 – Tsugumi Higashijujo
May 15, 1989 – Jun Gotokuji / Blood Falcon
June 6, 1997 – Tsubame Ootorii
July 7, 1997 – Suzume Sakurajosui
August 18, 1993 – Hatoko Daikanyama
September 19, 1990 – Miyama Zoshigaya/Death Crow
October 10, 1510 – Christian Rosenkreuz
November 11, 1997 – Kamome Sengakuji
December 12, 1997 – Uzura Kitaurawa...
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