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posted by Sununu
Everyday I will add an "Imagine your Избранное character" and all will be original. If its not, then I will credit the owner, so send me suggestions! The entries will be Опубликовано in the comments, but Ты won't be interrupting them if Ты comment!
The дата will also be put on every entry just to organize...plus I'll admit I can be forgetful!
(Even though this is Опубликовано under anime, no matter what genre your fave character is I won't stop Ты from inserting them in there instead!)
Rules of Submissions:
1. No explicit "inappropriate" content. Things like Поцелуи или hugging and etc, thats okay.
2. No copying, unless Ты credit the rightful creator.
3. Please, only Отправить an imagine once! I don't want eightteen of the same imagine in either my Входящие или the Комментарии section.
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