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FMA:B is the most overrated Аниме I've seen!
Brotherhood has a lot of followers,but I'm afraid I'm likely in the minority here,but let's throw following the Манга out for a секунда as a reason why Brotherhood could possibly be better and allow me to pose the following topical question...how on earth is Brotherhood a better Показать than the original FMA anime?
I've seen very little in the way of substantial evidence that would equate to Brotherhood being a еще well-done series,aside from "It actually followed the manga" bullsh*t (sorry about that).This is understandable as a criticism from those...
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Let us give a shout-out to whoever managed to turn a COMEDY Аниме into something so sad and beautiful. I don't understand how it's possible . . . . . ..
“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a fair, Edward,” Ты said, jokingly punching the boy in the arm as the two of Ты approached the booth to get your wristbands. Ты were going to get the twenty dollar ones so Ты could ride everything without having to use tickets.

“Ow, couldn’t Ты have at least punched my other arm?” He said, holding his left arm with a scrunched up face, still feeling the pain from where Ты punched it. Ты giggled. He had fought so many bad guys without one complaint about hurting, but Ты перфоратор, удар, пунш him once and he acts like he’s dying from the pain.

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