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What would have happened if Gaius weren't there... Clips from Episode 6, Season 4.
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No honestly is there a reason his 'hair' looks like this again? What not enough money to splurg on a few good hair pieces guys?

Second, how many of Ты are beginning to thoroughly dislike him? For the longest time I put up with him as the amusing defacto father of Merls and that was all fine well and good and I could cope with his lack of imagination re the tavern issue all день long (Merlin being in the tavern) but this, this constant, thing of never quite telling all the relevant details and what is more, being selective in his memory is beginning to wear thin.

In fact, sometimes I find him far еще evil than the warpedness of an Odin или an Uther because they are just blindingly ignorant but he knows better.

Thoughts welcomed. Very very miffed with Gaius this season.
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    Merlin is drawing a bath for his master. He is pouring the last jugs of warm water into a large tub, whistling a jaunty tune. His life as a servant has been a lot easier since the wedding. Arthur’s general mood has improved tenfold now that he can openly Показать his affections for Guinevere, and marriage Форс-мажоры him well. Gwen makes Arthur happy, and when Arthur is happy he is nicer to Merlin. Not only that, but Gwen gets displeased when Arthur is unnecessarily пересекать, крест with Merlin. And Arthur has learned, like all husbands, that the key to a happy marriage it to not make...
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I thought it brilliant and got her permission to share. Do enjoy. It is actually wonderfully written. And yes, Ты are accurate in your surmise/suspicion about the subject matter. Enjoy!


Title: The Queen’s Blood
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Arthur/Gwen
Warnings: Yup folks - it’s a period fic. Blood and everything.

Summary: Gwen has to explain the basics of female bodily functions to her husband, who is somewhat alarmed to wake up to bloody sheets two days after his marriage.

The секунда night after her wedding, Gwen bled. She had suspected it might happen as such, her usual rhythm being...
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