Ashley Judd No longer a fan!!

kimjollye posted on Sep 30, 2008 at 01:15AM
Ahsley Judd is no longer one of my favorite stars. She insulted me because I would vote for a pro-life President. There have been many Republican Presidents since Roe vs Wade and it never has been reversed. How come liberals only want understanding and tolerance when it applies to them but anyone that has a view different then them are idiots (in there eyes) and cannot have a different opinion. I would like to ask Ms. Judd - do you support womens "privacy" ,as she calls it, when the baby is about to be born and is it ok to abort if the mother chooses at that time? By the way, I am a pro-life republican woman, that thinks national security and taxes are the more importants issues of the day. If something happens militarily to us - nothing us will matter! Good Bye Ashley - I will no longer spend money on any of your movies and know that I will spread this around. Kim

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Больше года choice4all said…
Well said, Kim! Not so for Ashley... "Women's reproductive health" can pertain to less saturated fat in our diets, increased soy intake or regular pap smears, but it has NOTHING to do with pregnancy. Pregnancy is not a disease! Anyone (Obama) who supports legislation that actually promotes less regulation on things like "partial birth abortion" and the termination (killing) of babies aborted alive is certainly not an advocate of health or human rights in any form. Get your head out of the sand, Ashley. Have the courage to find out what it really means to be an advocate of women. -Try reading Mulieris Dignitatem for a little insight into how we can really understand our dignity and vocation as women. Your vernacular might even expand a little, not that there's anything wrong with Col. Sanders, of course. Maura
Больше года Laurencia7 said…
both sides are equally pig headed...thanks for announcing on the Judd spot you don't like her. Really professional.