Aubrey селезень, дрейк Graham Drakes My Distant Cousin!

gyjkg posted on Dec 22, 2010 at 03:59PM
what if i told u guys that drake is my distant cousin my 2nd cousin is his auntie and if u wanna know more juz PM me

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Больше года ReneeKetchum said…
Tell him I love him.
Больше года gyjkg said…
ok? when i get in contact
Больше года ReneeKetchum said…
And show him this random fanfic I made:

Freejoy (Episode 1)

*5 years ago*

Guy: Do you hereby accept the code of the Reaper Tribe, making you immune to anything that tries to destroy you?

???: Yes. I've been waiting for this.

*About 200 miles away*

Mesmis: Now is the perfect time to take over the world. I mean, really. Bush is President.

*Present Day*

Marshall: *pours himself a bowl of Veggie-Os, manufactured by Freejoy* I don't get it. Who would put vegatables in cereal?

Enrique: I don't know, but it's awesome! *grabs the box*

Renee: *iPod cranked up, playing a Lil Wayne song* I feel like burning something.

Enrique: *shakes box* Hey, there's a prize inside!

Marshall: Is this how you act in front of your girlfriend?

Enrique: No.

*three blank ID cards inside*

*Everyone gets a text*

Text: Welcome to Freejoy.

*ID cards flash and their information appears on them*

Marshall: Holy sh-t!

Renee: Black hole!

*at Freejoy Headquarters, Drake wears a labcoat and jots down notes on his clipboard*

Renee, Marshall, and Enrique: Oof!

Marshall: *rubs back* Ow. Back. Aching.

Drake: Yep. They're here.

*4 other people come out and sing a song that you would probably hear on your birthday at T.G.I Friday's*


Drake: Yeah... Anyways, the name's Drake.

Marshall: Do I know you?

Drake: *shoves him and turns away* Probably not. Anyways, this, my friends, is Freejoy.

Enrique: Isn't this a FROZEN VEGATABLE COMPANY!?

Renee: No, it's a spy organization DISGUISED as a frozen vegatable company. I've seen it in the movies.

Drake: *stunned by how smart she is* Yeah. Thanks for clarifying that.

Marshall: So don't we get, like, weapons and such?

Drake: Yeah, but first, I've gotta introduce you to everyone.

Enrique: *starts drooling* Like her?

*stares at a girl with jean shorts, a pink shirt, and a black jacket*

Drake: Who, Nicki? She's mine.

Renee: Aww! She's your signifigant other?

Drake: Future signifigant other.

Marshall: *whispers* No offense, but she's way out of your league.

Drake: Hey, she loves me, see? *mmrrow*

Nicki: *keeps walking*

Drake: Heh heh. *awkward moment of silence* Okay then.

*walks over to a short, British guy with glasses, jeans, and a t-shirt with a headset*

Tinie: *on phone* Okay, I'll tell him. *hangs up* Drake, Nicki filed another complaint. Really, just give up.

Drake: *silence* Anyways, this is Tinie. Tinie, these are Enrique, Renee, and Marvin.

Marshall: Marshall.

Drake: Whatever.

Tinie: I've heard good things about you guys.

Renee: *sees fire in the distance* Fire. *walks over to it*

Tinie: So... She likes fire?

Enrique: Yeah. She told us earlier today that she wanted to burn something.

Drake: Oh God. *runs over* JUSTIN! WHAT THE F-CK MAN!?!?

*a kid with terrible hair, a black hoodie, and jeans stands in the middle of the room*

Justin: Uhh...

Drake: No time for excuses. Go to your room.

Justin: *sulks away*

Drake: That was Justin. No one really likes him. But really, I love the kid to death. 'Cuz, you know, we're Canadian and all.

Renee: ...'Kay.

Marshall: WEEZY!!!!!! *runs over and hugs him*

*Wayne sits in a corner and wears a grey hoodie and baggy jeans, and takes his shades off*

Wayne: Why is he on top of me?

Enrique: Dude, you're eyes are bloodshot.

Wayne: Yeah. Hey, a butterfly.

Renee: Is he...

Drake: Yeah. And that's all of the important people.

Wayne: But what about...

Drake: Oh yeah! Guys, follow me. I need to show you the boss.

Enrique: Rick Ross?

Drake: *shocked by his knowledge in hip-hop* No, but close!

*runs to a big black door and opens it*

Drake: Birdman, you here? I've got them.

Enrique: Do we get cool names too.

Drake: Yeah, just wait.

Birdman: Good. *does some weird chant*

Renee: Ahh! It tingles!

Birdman: *points to Renee, then to Marshall, then Enrique* Shadow Force. Flame Slayer. Little Squirrel.

Enrique: I love my code name!

Birdman: Get that elixer formula for me, Drizzy.

Drake: Yes sir! To my desk!

*they walk over to a cluttered desk*

Enrique: Is your desk the one cluttered with pórn?

Drake: *panicky* Uh, no. That's.... uh..... STEVE'S!

*looks at a dog with a purple cloak beating a kid up*

Renee: Then why does it say "Aubrey Drake Graham" on it?

Drake: ...... I'll just sit.

Marshall: 'Kay.

Drake: *pulls out his Blackberry and starts playing Angry Birds*

Birdman: Drake! Formula!

Drake: Right. *turns on Youtube and watches Keyboard Cat* HAHAHAHAHA! It's funny 'cuz it's a cat playing a keyboard!

Birdman: Formula!

Drake: *starts watching Nyan Cat* HAHAHAHA!

Birdman: *intimidating stare*

Drake: *searches for... well, the stuff that was on his desk*

Birdman: *stares for several seconds, then yells at him*

*10 minutes later*


Birdman: 

Renee: So what's up with this elixer?

Wayne: It accually tastes pretty good.

Marshall: AHH! Dude, what the héll? How do you do that?

Wayne: I'm hígh. I can do anything when I'm hígh.

Drake: No. The medicine wing needs more.

Wayne: Oh. 'Kay. *leaves*

Tinie: Drizzy! Justin just burned your extensive pórn collection.

Enrique: So it was yours!

Drake: Shut up! *runs to his desk* Nicki! Fire extinguisher!

Nicki: *hands him fire extinguisher*

Drake: *shudders because Nicki's right next to him* *puts out fire*

Justin: Uh, I can explain that. It was... uh... STEVE!!!

Steve: *leaves kid in corner* Really? Just 'cuz I'm Hershey's evil alter ego doesn't mean you can just treat me like sh-t. I'm outta here.

*awkward moment of silence*

Drake and Justin: *awkwardly smile*

Wayne: *changes subject* I've gotta bring these guys to the simulator.

Drake: Me too.

Tinie: Yeah.

Nicki: You go do that.

*at the simulator*

Drake: *paces back and forth* Here at Freejoy, our goal is to defeat Mesmis and his colleagues at Memcorp. *hands Renee, Marshall, and Enrique lazer guns*

Wayne: *also pacing* So here at Freejoy, we always look to train new recruits... *goes up in Enrique's face* who aren't afraid to see a little blood.

*a giant Prigglepuss, a green, cat-like, fire-breathing dinosaur thing, comes out from a big chamber*

Drake and Wayne: *leave the room*

Renee: Oh God.

Enrique: Now what happens!?

To be continued...