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It’d been about a месяц since Zuko bought his sister home. The girl didn’t talk very much along the way to the palace and she continued to hold the silence when she got there. She seemed to be at a sort of disconnect.

Even when she was present for lunch или ужин или just a casual get together she was quiet and out of place. Like a ghost in the room, everyone knew she was there, but no one attempted to make contact with the psychological disaster that was Azula.

To be fair to them, Azula herself didn’t really put in any effort either.

Eventually, the princess seemed to fade into the background....
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Over on tumblr someone had asked me for my opinions on this video: It is about 50 минуты long, but, in my opinion, is well worth the watch. So I decided to watch it and give my thoughts.

I definitely agree with the first part where the narrator says that Azula’s psychology is the result of a broken family and poor parental upbringing.
But I do disagree with the sadism bit. I’ve typed about this many, many times. I feel like there was really only one time that sadism could be argued and that was when she smiled at the burning of Zuko’s...
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