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Your name is (1)______ ______ ______ (first, middle(s) and last, doesn’t have to be real), Ты are twenty-five years old and Ты work as a (choose from options below): 2
(A) illustrator / cartoonist / artist
(B) teacher / professor
(C) accountant / banker
(D) Автор / novelist
(E) musician / singer
(F) hospital intern / medical student
[Feel free to elaborate on the career Ты choose, ie: what subject Ты teach, instrument Ты play, field of medicine Ты study, etc]

You are at the hospital one afternoon visiting your good friend who just gave birth to her first child. After meeting the adorable little...
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A woman playing This Little Piggy with her niece.
baby girl
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1. Ты are twenty years old and the man Ты have dated since Ты were thirteen proposes! His name is …………… ……………

2. Ты get married but decide Ты need a fresh start so Ты Переместить to …………….

3. Life is good! Ты made new Друзья and are fitting in well. To make things even better Ты find out your pregnant with a girl! Her first name is your favourite girls name and middle is her birth stone her name is …………… ……………

4. Ты get a call from your sister telling Ты that your grandmother has sadly passed away. She adopted a four год old boy so Ты decide...
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