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Star, Humphrey, Kaltag and the other at least 50 Собаки get home. By the way I found out the names of the 3 Omegas Humphrey hangs out with.

звезда and Humphrey were relieved they were out of it.
“After that, I need some pepperoni, HOTPOCKETS!!!” звезда said.
Humphrey was flying at least 10,000 ft above the hurricane.
“Damn, that’s an awesome view!”
звезда came back.
“This is good, want a bite?”
Humphrey took a bite.
“Am I in heaven?”
“It’s that good.”
Kate came and knocked on the door.
“Hey Star, since Ты say driving school is so much better than...
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I don’t have ideas.

Balto went to Star’s mansion in Heaven.
“Hey, Star!”
“Hey, Balto.”
звезда was drumming.
“What’s goin’ on?”
“Not much.”
God came in.
“Hey, God.” Balto and Kaltag сказал(-а) in unison.
“Hey, Ты two. Balto, you’re going back to Earth.”
“Oh, ok.”
“Star, you’re staying here.”
“Balto, come with me.”
God led Balto to a teleporter.
“This will teleport Ты back to your body.”
“Wait, I thought it was burnt.”
God sent something to Earth.
“Not any more.”
“Ok, see Ты when I die again!”
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end credits
reach for the light
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did anyone notice that there was a mistakes in balto 2? aleu in the adoption scene was colored redlike her brothers and sisters then in another scene back to her true color. then there is jenna that i have cirlced iside her ears are black then they turn back to her true right color. in the Далее scene . then there is the mistake when aleu was just a baby she had jenna's marking then when she grew up she had balto's markings i circled that mistake.also could this be on purpose was alue ment to look lke jenna not balto ? color and and all? или was she supposed to look like blato with jenna markings? so many qestions are not answered on this topic what do Ты think? Комментарий below please
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