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Team Bonnie Bennett, Bamon AND Stelena, please Присоединиться together THIS Sunday(Monday for some) August 31, 2014 to help trend Фан Fav Bonnie Bennett(no hashtag) to prove that Bonnie Bennett IS, in fact, a Фан Избранное character on the tv series The Vampire Diaries. I have Опубликовано Ссылки below of many of the Статьи and Опросы that have been created to manipulate the writers of The Vampire Diaries into thinking that everyone hates Bonnie BENNETT and that she isn't popular, so that they won't think she is worthy of being paired with 1 of the male leads on the Показать that she was written to have had a relationship...
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Part: 1 of 2
Rating: PG 13 for a few curses and references to violence
Pairing: Damon/Bonnie (ish)
Disclaimer: Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J Smith and the lovely people who brought it to TV
Summary: A year's worth of holidays - Damon and Bonnie style.
Author's Note: Writer's block gone! And the first thing out of the gate - Damon and Bonnie. Here's the first part - the секунда part should be along by mid to end week (just tweaking and editing and the like). I hope Ты all enjoy


New Years’ день

Bonnie is not sure whose bright idea it was. Surely, it must have come from a drunken idiot или an...
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Fan Fiction Info

Author's Note: Spoilers through 1.22 (Founder's Day); Bonnie and Damon must put aside their differences to stop a greater threat.

Bonnie/Damon; Elena/Stefan; Caroline/Matt

Rating: R

Chapter 1

Damon had just rounded Elm улица, уличный when he felt it. A whisper of a breeze ruffled his hair, the scent on the wind heady and addictive.


A knowing grin twisted across his lips. He would know that Power anywhere. He changed his course immediately, cutting silently through backyards until he came out on Parker Avenue. He quickened his pace as he noticed...
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Although we Bamon Фаны never thought we'd reach the день we Остаться в живых faith in our ship happening, I think its безопасно, сейф to say at this point we know the writers have NO intention in making them happen. And as much as you'll all hate to read me state this... it's clear they're setting up for a Delena/Steroline endgame rather than a Bamon/Stelena endgame as the Книги intended. But seeing how dumb this Показать has gotten and knowing the writers simply write whatever they feel the majority of the Фаны want even if it makes no sense... then I think that means we Bamon & Even Stelena Фаны still have a very...
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posted by forevertrueblue
Title: Foreign Soul Mate

Summary: AU. Bonnie has always thought that she was an average girl that is until Damon shows up claiming to be her soul mate. Bamon

Author: forevertrueblue

Disclaimer: I do not own the Vampire Diaries

Chapter 1: Soul Mate?


"You are my soul mate."

I looked up in confusion and shock, "What?"

"You are my soul mate," the tall gorgeous guy repeated to me.

I stared at him in disbelief for a секунда before shaking it off. "Whatever," I replied not believing this guy at all no matter how trusting this guy...
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