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smckinlay2 posted on May 29, 2011 at 12:18AM
Name your top 5 Bangel scenes and tell us why you love them :)

I'll start off...

1. Close your eyes - You don't have to guess what scene I'm talking about. Angel coming back just as the portal was opening, the look on Buffy's face when she realises its Angel and Angel worrying that she is hurt and the shoulder kiss <3 This scene is heartbreaking but so beautiful.

2) I'll never forget - I don't think any Bangel fan can watch it without crying. One of the saddest scenes on television ever. This shows why Bangel are so epic.

3) Prom dance - Angel giving Buffy her perfect high school moment <3 I also love the song Wild horses. This scene is bittersweet but perfect.

4) Hilltop scene - One of my favourite scenes in the series. I love the angst and the passion in this scene. Also them walking in the snow so so cute.

5) Forever - Angel being there for Buffy after Joyce's funeral. I love how he was the only one she opened up to. After being apart for so long the passion was still there. I love Buffy also wanting Angel to stay forever.

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Больше года CharmedFan4eva_ said…
off the top of my head...

1) amends, buffy and angel yelling at each other and then walking through the snow.

2) surprise: the first time they say i love you and make love.

3) angel recognizing buffy after he came back from hell

4) when angel was talking to james about buffy something about "the woman i love is dead"

5) close your eyes

honorable mention: close your eyes, forever, i'll never forget.