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I found color in the black and white
Broke a prism and I held the light
I was searching for myself
I looked everywhere else
I had to turn inside

I'm a firefly
We can glow tonight
So let's paint the sky
Find the color, color
In the black and white

I chose hope in the dead of night
A tiny огонь made me come alive
I was searching for myself
I looked everywhere else
I had to turn inside

I'm a firefly
We can glow tonight
So let's paint the sky
Find the color, color
In the black and white

Find the color, color
In the black and white
Barbie лебедь Lake is nostalgic bliss. It has a very sweet and timeless nature that still makes it enjoyable to me over ten years later (even if the Анимация has dated slightly).

The mystical atmosphere in this movie is incredible and is by far my favourite aspect. Everything from the music, to the dancing, to the Феи and the Зачарованная Forest is mysterious and interesting. Some of it is slightly weird (like Lila and the troll) but in a good way. Sure, some of the characters are strange but they are never unlikeable.

The characters also have their strengths. Odette, in particular, stands...
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I Любовь this movie.
I really like the plot that how the Sisters come to their Willow city and was refreshing their memories this thing filled tears in my eyes whenever I go to my cousins I do all those things hanging out with my childhood close cousin,Eating my Избранное dishes going to my old memorial places.The plot is very interesting how the villains tried to steal the treasure and how the sisters with the cute Щенки got the way..The plot is solid with no mistakes and has a bundle of morals in it..This is the movie I was waiting of from many months.
Barbie's character is really...
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posted by barbie_rocks
The official plot is here :

In this upbeat musical, Barbie™ stars as Princess Courtney, a modern princess whose world is turned upside down when she switches places with Erika, a famous rockstar. Two very different worlds collide when a mix-up sends Princess Courtney to Camp Pop and Erika, to Camp Royalty. While the leaders of the rival camps try to correct the mix-up, both Courtney and Erika learn to adjust to the different worlds and have fun while making new, unexpected friends. When the girls learn both camps are at risk of shutting down, they must embrace their differences, find their true voices, and come together for an epic sing-off that shows anything is possible when Ты dare to dream big!

Princess Courtney, voiced by Kelly Sheridan. She discovers her voice at popstar camp.
Erika. She is a popstar who discovers her inner royal.
Raina. She is a country star.
Zia. She is a rock star.
Барби Rock 'n Royals Chelsea Doll Case:

In Барби in Rock 'n Royals, two very different worlds collide when a mix-up sends a princess and a rock звезда to the wrong camps. With the Барби Rock 'n Royals Chelsea Doll Case, choose Chelsea as a princess rock звезда in розовый with hot розовый hair and розовый guitar, a princess pop singer in blue with a розовый crown headband, and purple guitar, или as a junior rocker with розовый headset and silvery microphone! All three wear adorable outfits with iconic touches, like bows for the princess pop stars and stars for the rocker. Includes doll wearing fashion and accessories...
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posted by geekylatina
Tittle: I’m not narcissistic
Author: GeekyLatina
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance, Angst (maybe).
Pairing: Tori/Keira Слэш pointing towards one-sided (that’s up to you)
Summary: Just a ficlet about Tori’s thoughts on Keira.
AN: As far as I know this pairing has never been done before, which kinda bugged me because, at least in my opinion they do have a slashy air about them, so I wanted some fics. But I found none, hence this ficlet. Sorry if it’s not really good, it’s the first fic I write for a Барби movie. Actually, this is the first fic I’m publishing. Just tell me what Ты think about...
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In a new Барби Movie, Barbie: Mariposa & the Fairy Princess. Mariposa, the бабочка Fairy has become the Royal Historian of Flutterfield! She’s sent as Ambassador to Shimmervale, a faraway kingdom, to make peace with the crystal Феи that live there. In Shimmervale, Mariposa befriends Princess Catania™, a crystal fairy who hasn’t flow in many years. Instead, she flies through her kingdom with the help of a beautiful flying friend - Sophie, the Pegasus! The winged horse draws Princess Catania’s chariot through the skies, until Catania conquers her fears and flies on her own again.
I'm going to Список the strengths and weaknesses of each Барби heroine. I'm not including the "real" Barbie, such as Барби in Барби Diaries, Fashion Fairytale, Fairy Secret, или Perfect Рождество (I really can't say anything about her). I will have only 5 heroines in one article. This part starts with Clara and ends with Erika, but don't worry, because I'll continue with Part 2 which starts with Elina.

1. Clara

Strength: dutiful, kind, clever, brave, loyal, family-oriented

Orphaned since young, Clara lives with her strict grandfather and her brother Tommy. She loves her family and...
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hi i wanted to talk about fairy secret.It was awesome!the Музыка was incredible!i wish bc smith conducts the Музыка of the upcoming Барби movies.but i thought that fairy secret was a bit childish.I mean Барби Фильмы are supposed to be for little girls или boys.DO yuo think that teenagers can watch them? I think Барби Фильмы will reach the top! i mean every other movie gets an oscar award but why not BM?Mattel is getting better by the second.I have noticed Барби entertainment instead of mattel in FF and FS.Is it because those two Фильмы Показать the real life of barbie? I have heard Барби the...
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posted by geoff3252
I was talking to my daughter about Барби Фильмы and I got the idea of a potential Барби movie in which Барби is a Monster Truck Driver.

Barbie could initially be a fan, turning up early to Monster Truck competitions and attending pit parties before the show. Here, she would meet current drivers and their crews. Барби would be a big Фан of a highly respected (female) driver, whose career would be cut short in an accident caused by some evil-doer. Of course, the team needs another driver, and Barbie, who recently built her own Monster Truck, steps into the breach!

Barbie will at first lack...
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Well I've found the link to Барби in princess power in hindi on Youtube . The link link
to watch еще Барби Фильмы in hindi , there's a channel which posts Барби Фильмы in hindi .
Ты can Поиск 'Barbie Фильмы in hindi '
the Видео are edited so that Youtube won't block them . The speed of Видео are increased but don't worry Ты can go to the desktop site of Youtube and decrease the speed. I want to share this link as I'm an Indian and wanted other Indian Барби Фаны who are in this club . Plus I want to ask that how can I change my Профиль picture ? I can't find any option ....
posted by Asabala2
All I really wanna do is stay right here
Away from the prying eyes
Cause I really gonna get to chapter three
And see if i'm surprised
Will the princess slay the dragon
Will she save the day
Will she find a brand new world
That takes her breath away

What's Gonna Happen
I can't wait to see
What's Gonna Happen
It's all a mystery
I need to turn the page prepare to be amazed

See if she's got it made
It's nothing a expect
What's Gonna Happen next

All I really wanna do is hide right here
And start on chapter four
Maybe this is where the princess saves her friends
And claims her just reward
Will she shoot a
Perfect arrow
Will her aim be true
Will she meet her mighty foe
And know just what to do

What's Gonna Happen
I can't wait to see
What's Gonna Happen
It's all a mystery

I need to turn the page
Prepare to be amazed
See if she's got it made
It's nothing I expect
What's Gonna Happen next
Every night when I go to bed
The dreams start swirling in my head
And I sail away to magic lands
Filled with fun and friends

And my sister Barbie's always there
She's a fairy here and a mermaid there
Together we're a princess pair
It's such a great adventure

Lollipop trees and радуга seas
Hair made into swings, riding слон kings
Talking rocks, golden rocks, glitter trees, fancy cheese
Ooh, whoa

Dreamtopia, where adventure never stops
Dreamtopia, it's just a sprinkle, sparkle, hop
It's just a dream away with a вишня on top
As some of Ты may или may not know, I have started to re-watch all the Барби Movies. I adored them as a child and watching them again makes me feel very happy <3 I thought I would record my thoughts on them as I watch them.

Firstly, I thought this movie was a touching homage to the original. Everything from remixes of the old songs to Keira being an anagram for Erika, it was a comforting reminder of my favourite childhood film. I also appreciated aspects that kind of made fun of it, like when Keira tries to pick a lock and says it always works in Фильмы as a reference to the time...
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Такого друга больше нет
Когда ты рядом вижу я неба яркий свет
Твои слова их простота все сразу стало на места
Взгляни сама ведь так лего смеятся вместе нам


Если бы я вдруг смогла.Я бы улыбку взяла
Куда не пойдешь в этом мире я с тобой
Мечтаем с тобой об одном,где ты там и я мы навсегда вдвоем.
Два сердца в одном

Если бы я вдруг...
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posted by warior_princess
the idea of making the doll Барби appears in 1909
and this happened when the lady (Roth handler) notes her little daughter Barbra plays with her paper Куклы and she was not end at play only with theses Куклы but she created from her mind and inspiration stories and situation and acts it with her doll
so her mother assured from that the little girls need to a doll with particular qualification
in order to play with it
and not like the Куклы that were found in the markets in that time
indeed the dream of Roth is achieved and the doll Барби appears and take her name from the name of Barbra the name of Roth daughter and the doll received a global fame
when she reached to 35 years they make for her site on INTERNET
in addition to that they make for her Фильмы and games and magazine
Барби is having a really bad day: first, she's fired from her starring role in a new movie, and then Ken splits up with her! She decides to visit her Aunt Millicent, a famous fashion designer, in Paris. But when she arrives, things get worse - Aunt Millicent's business is struggling and is about to close! Can Барби save her Aunt's boutique? Will Ken take her back? And what exactly is inside the magic wardrobe? Find out in this glitzy, glam adventure.

Magic happens if Ты believe in yourself. In this storybook, Барби leaves behind her Актёрское искусство career and her ex-boyfriend Ken to travel to Paris...
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After passing the rounds of best main-theme song countdown. Now this is the Chart of those songs from the most Избранное until the least:

1. Shine
Performed by: Cassidy Ladden
From the movie: Барби in the 12 Dancing Princesses
Length: 03:11
Genre: Pop
Lyrics by: Amy Powers and Rob Hudnut
Composed by: Arnie Roth

2. I Need to Know (Pop version)
Performed by: Cassidy Ladden
From the movie: Барби as the Island Princess
Length: 03:43
Genre: Pop, Soft Rock
Lyrics by: Amy Powers and Rob Hudnut
Composed by: Megan Cavallari

 Brie Larson in the Музыка Video of "Hope Has Wings"
Brie Larson in the Музыка Video of "Hope Has Wings"
3. Hope Has Wings
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posted by barbiegirl2435
I seen Fairy Secret today! Let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

The Cast:
Diana Kaarina: Barbie
Adrian Petriw: Ken
Britt Irvin: Raquelle
Silvio Pollio: Zane
Laura Bailey
Cassandra Morris
Kate Higgins
Brittney Wilson
^I wish I could remember who they voiced!
And my eerie feeling was incorrect, Christopher Gaze wasn't there! Sorry Abbey!

The Characters:
(Her name prononuciation confused me! It's pronounced Grahseaella{In phonetic spelling})
She was pretty nice. Untill she was under the Любовь spell, then she was a total airheaded b****!

She was the same as in Fashion Fairytale.

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Some people say Ты can't be found
You're not around
Some people say that you're not real
A fairytale

They say that dreams are for sleepin'
I'm wide awake and believin'
Open my eyes and see
You're right infront of me
You're the one
You're the one
I've known all along
You're the one
You're the one
You're all that I want

You're wild and free,strong enough for me
And what we have will never be undone
Oh,ooh,ooh you're the one

I hear your voice without a word
It's understood
There's something here and we both know
The way to go

They say that dreams are for sleepin'(dreams...
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