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 Барби Mariposa and the Fairy Princess
It is a Обои of Mariposa in the new movie coming soon 2013!
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This Мультики о Барби фото might contain букет, букетик, posy, букетик цветов, корсаж, and букетом.

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1. The Зачарованная Forest
Reasons, why is this the most Избранное of BM location?
"The Зачарованная forest is just lovely." - link
"Enchanted Forest is the best place in Барби Movies!" - link
"Enchanted Forest is way better than the other." - link

2. Parthenia
Reason, why is this the секунда most Избранное of BM location?
"That place is just too amazing." - link

3. облако Kingdom
Reason, why is this the third most Избранное of BM locations?
"I like the облако Kingdom better. Cool twirly stairs!" - link

4. The Diamond Castle

5. The Magic Meadow

6. Paris (3M)

7. Crystal Palace...
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 manu962, our May FOTM 2012
manu962, our May FOTM 2012
It is our фиолетовый aka link who becomes May Фан of the месяц 2012!!! She has been here since 2009 and has contributed lots of amazing stuffs in Барби Movies. I have the privilege to interview her. Here's the interview of our magnificent Violet.

1. Congratulations for winning May Фан of The Month! How does it feel?
Firstly ,Thank Ты for voting me ! It feels awesome to be a "fan of the moth" .I didn't expect it .To tell the truth I thought I will never be a "fan of the moth"

2. Tell us еще about yourself!
I'm a shy girl and I don't have many Друзья .I do like adventures and trips.I am also...
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 CleoCorinne, our March FOTM!
CleoCorinne, our March FOTM!
Congratulations to link for winning the FOTM! All her hard work and dedication has surely paid off and I'm sure that we are all grateful to have such an amazing and active contributor as part of this spot! But before the fiesta with lots of confetti and cake can start, here's her interview:

1) Congrats on winning, how does it feel like to be the FOTM?
How does it feel? Well... I'm really happy for it. I must thank all those that voted me, it's a quite nice experience.

2) How did Ты find the Барби Фильмы spot and what made Ты stay?
I found it randomly. I was looking for pictures of Барби and...
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