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Мультики о Барби What do Ты think about Spy Squad?

23 fans picked:
Its okay.It could have been better
I Любовь it.Its an awesome movie
I hate it.Its a terrible movie
 SilentForce posted Больше года
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CindyLyn354 picked I Любовь it.Its an awesome movie:
Perfect! This was better than Princess Power. Totally awesome!! :D
posted Больше года.
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Sparklefairy375 picked I Любовь it.Its an awesome movie:
This is gonna be one of my favorite modern movies! The music and the characters are totally cool! <3
posted Больше года.
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LillyMillicent picked Its okay.It could have been better:
I loved the animation and music, but I think they forgot a bit about what makes a Barbie film, it's like a normal movie. For me it could have been better, but anyway it was okay. Barbie is getting better in a lot of areas, and I'm happy for that, but I hope that soon they can make a mix of old-new Barbie films, that would be the best<3
posted Больше года.
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SilentForce picked Its okay.It could have been better:
Here's what I didn't like about the movie:
The fact that it took the girls only one day of training in order to become a qualified agents was really dumb,I mean come on which organization would give such an important mission to a bunch of amateurs,the movie would have been much better and made more sense if the girls would have been specialized agents from the begin.
I personally thought that the story was too rushed,everything seemed to happen too fast.
It lacked suspense.I've already could tell from the start that its going to turn out that Dunbar is the villain.The movie also didn't have enough action scenes.
Dunbar was a boring and underdeveloped villain.
Patricia's redemption was ridiculous.She just suddenly decided to switch to the good side for no logical reason.
There's nothing special about the characters.
Barbie's"This our story,what's yours"message at the end of the movie made me think"Really,Mattel?You couldn't have come up with meaningful message or at least something that is more original?"
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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BarbiePeach picked I Любовь it.Its an awesome movie:
I love it :)
One of my favorites modern movies.
posted Больше года.
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I haven't seen it, but based on the trailer (which made me cringe hard), it looks absolutely awful. I don't plan on seeing it. Barbie needs to go back to doing fairytales; they're not very good with their "modern" stories.
Plus, the whole thing just SCREAMS "Totally Spies rip-off".
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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3xZ picked Its okay.It could have been better:
Strangely I've never been too disappointed at seeing comedy spy movies. They are always, at least, laughable and entertaining. Indeed there are too much plot holes, I accept them since it's a Barbie movie. I mean, what? Am I expecting Mission: Impossible, Salt, James Bond, or Jason Bourne? Of course no! I was more preparing myself for Kingsman, Penguins of Madagascar, Man from U.N.C.L.E, Johnny English, or Cars 2.

Patricia is the best character in the movie. She's a total badass. Sadly, I dislike how she chose the 'Barbie' side for a silly reason. 'There's still good in her.' I don't get it. Why Mattel always create Barbie's adversaries, who are also young and female, switched side in the end? Nori, Luciana, Sunburst, Delancy, Kylie, Raquelle, Olivia & Sloane, Princess Corinne, and now, Patricia.

It's so annoying that the Spy Squad jokes around too much, even after they failed. They are like link from Minions. The 'see it and be it' quote for a motivation is a bit odd to me.

The Laszlo's inventions are quite interesting. The evil robots are too silly, though.

The plot is nice and fun but the ending is awful. The way Barbie used double GLISSabre to poke one of the jewel.

Dunbar exercised evil laugher too much that he wasn't ready to face the Spy Squad + Miss Z & link.

And, seriously, I hardly manage my face straight whenever the names 'Barbie', 'Teresa', and 'Renee' bonus 'Chelsea' are mentioned. Come on, is it soooooooooooo difficult to find names that are not yet used before??? There are bazillions names in this world and they keep using those names!
posted Больше года.