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FORMER world champion Dave “The Animal” Батиста says the new PG brand of WWE wrestling is completely alien to him.
In a world exclusive interview, the ever-candid Washington DC native this week tells FT exactly how he feels about the current state of the product.
And he won’t be going back any time soon. Dave, 42, is currently training MMA every день and living the martial arts lifestyle in Tampa, Florida, as well as preparing for the release of his new film, скорпион King 3, at the end of February.
He told FT this week: “It’s brutal. I can’t watch it. I can’t connect with it. I...
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the animal
скорпион king 3
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 dave Батиста after surgery
dave batista after surgery
I think Батиста has been robbed of the Название one too many times. It seems every time he wins the Название someone comes along and injures him so he has to relinguish his title. Let Батиста enjoy his Название a while before he has to give it up again due to unforeseen circumstances. Also someone in management should have suspended или fired Randy Orton for kicking Батиста in the head and breaking his arm. Батиста has worked hard for all his wins and yes sometimes he does lose from time to time. I hope this time around when he returns to wrestling again that he puts Randy Orton and his goons in their place. They have gotten away with so much since Legacy was hatched(lol). It's time for Батиста to put them in their place. God help them all when Батиста returns to the ring.