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“Life’s too short to waste time on pretense. Laugh, be merry, and enjoy life the way Ты want to.”
“Following someone Ты look up to is a good practice. Following your сердце and having others follow in your footsteps is even better.”
“Speak with your body, think with your сердце and Любовь with your soul.”
“Don’t be insecure with others. Imperfection is beauty. Always have the courage within yourself”
“We may not know it, but most of us live to be remembered as someone else and not as who we truly are.”
“If Ты are always true, Ты do not need to remember anything Ты said...
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posted by VanessaLoves
... Of society today.
Telling girls Ты have to be a size 0 in order to be beautiful, или that Ты can't be pretty unless you’re white. That blondes are extremely stupid. That every single black lets their pants drop a bit low, and that every black has the brain of a grapefruit. Don’t even get me started with “gingers”. Society saying that if a guy cries it automatically makes him a sissy. That saying "That’s so gay" is okay (I know they tried to fix this, but I think it made everything 100x worse). & the fact that the parents can't do anything if their kid is being bullied.

Yet society is like "Why are so many kids killing themselves?" :(

Be yourself.
It's the most beautiful thing.