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What episode do bb and raven Kiss

 bbandrae4ever posted Больше года
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BBRaeFan1530 said:
There is no episode where Raven and Beast Boy kiss. I would like them to but they didn't. Raven did hug him in the episode "Spellbound" though which I think was one of the sweetest moments between them. They do indeed Kiss in the comics. But in Teen Titans Go! Raven does have a secret crush on Beast Boy and they almost got married in the episode "Matched" which lead them to almost Kiss until Cyborg messed it up!!! Damn him!!!
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posted Больше года 
Raven and Beast Boy indeed share their first Kiss in the Teen Titans Go episode "Rocks and Water". Not the same as the original but they kissed!! TTG ships BBRae hard.
BBRaeFan1530 posted Больше года
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