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 The Волки Attack scene
I like Belle in this part because her hair is untie.
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 Hello Beast!
Hello Beast!
Hi guys, since we heard the latter on Youtube, here are my opinion on both songs.

If I Can't Любовь Her

Since I got the Original Broadway Musical cast, I fell in Любовь with this song. I was very disappointed that it was not going to make it into the film this year, because it plays an important role especially since it develops the beast's personality more.


Okay, I heard Dan Steven's rendition for this year's movie, and I felt that it doesn't hold out as powerful and does not follow suit with If I Can't Любовь Her.
For strange reasons, it reminds me of Out There from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, especially the tempo and the lyrics itself.

Let The World Be Done With Me!

Ironically, these 2 songs are covered by Josh Groban, go ahead and listen to them, then you'll be the judge.
 тост to the Movie!
Toast to the Movie!
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