Быть мужчиной Are women from USA always high-tempered and blunt?

toms22 posted on Jul 11, 2018 at 11:54PM

I noticed that women from USA are frank and high-tempered with a lot of things. There was this one time I was staring at a blonde girl’s hair cause it was so shiny and smooth. Then out of nowhere, she started asking me what I was staring at and that I was being rude. I did explain to her that it was nothing in particular and that I didn’t mean to upset her but wow, was it a shocking experience. This isn’t the first time that I went through something like that with girls from the States. Being a receptionist at a hotel, I come across with these types of people. Is it always like that with them though?

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Больше года jlhfan624 said…
As a woman from the US, the answer to your question is yes. But it seems like this particular instance you talked about, the woman may have felt uncomfortable with a strange man staring at her and didn't like the attention.