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harold posted on Apr 16, 2011 at 07:14PM
I notice that there are a lot of female fans of manhood here, as well as women who like to participate in discussions here. So, to all of you women/girls, let us know: what do you like in a man? Sure, you can talk about appearance, but more interesting is desirable attitude, behavior, presentation and comportment. Let us know what you think.

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Больше года Sinna_Hime_chan said…
HI Harold :) I stumbled upon this when I was searching through a new fans' comments to see more about the person & I think this is an interesting club! YAY! But I have not joined, (as i am a fan of "being a woman") lol, and I have not ever added to discussions here. i do not feel it would be my place. I find it very sad, however, that you made this nice forum question especially "for" women/girls over a YEAR ago, and no one even replies?? How very, very sad, (and actually rude). So they can troll or put forth 2-cents, unbidden, but not answer a helpful question when asked?

Well Harold, then I will be the bold one & exception to the rule.
You asked a lovely question.
I am not a girl... I am a woman/straight too.

I am both enamored and frustrated at times with men's ability to cut to the chase-to the heart of the matter, give shorter replies, be logically minded and sometimes very funny in how blunt men can be. Whenever i have had female friends who lean more to the man-logic side of brain activity I usually end up laughing my ass off at the things they say. i absolutely love it at times. Then, again, I could just shake you guys when it comes to those same communication skills too, because genetically and most unfortunately -I think- we have some predisposition that demands more of a need for for emotion and words and emotional verbage. (Whatta pain.) Sometimes talking to a man is like talking to a lump and you have to draw out emotion just to understand where they are really coming from. Yet, by that VERY same token is the guardian/protector that I think many women appreciate. Do we all want that Conan The Barbarian? Well -lol, I know a few women libbers (is that even a word anymore?) who would not appreciate and I have been likened at times to being "Xena" or "Red Sonya" but deep-down (and not so deep down) I DEEPLY appreciate a man who is wanting to protect me from harm (physcal or otherwise). I also think as a protective type of human-being myself, that is a sign of care. So I appreciate that nature, or if not not in a man's nature, I appreciate that aspect or deed. I may not really be that fragile flower (?) but for someone to have my back is an awesome gift.

The strength of man, both physically & mentally is a turn on.
I am a strong woman [inwardly, I think] and I appreciate inner strength...it is inspiring.

(eee, seeing as I just had a falling out with my bf- MAYBE now would not be the most inspired time for me to write all the truly wonderful qualities I really do appreciate... sorry. I have tried here, but I think I can name more when perhaps I can return at a later date.) There is much more I admire, really, surely. I have an equal number of male friends as I do female friends, and if I have more female friends, I still tend to relate and hang out with the guys. I am the one female before the wedding that the guys in the wedding party ask or say they don't mind hanging out smoking outside with - if that gives you any idea. I love mah bros. (and I love my gay bros too)... bros are cool ;)
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not much XD