Betty White Life With Ellizabeth

LovingLucy posted on May 24, 2010 at 02:14PM
Has anyone seen it? It looks really good.

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Больше года bizzibus said…
This was my first view of Betty White on TV. I was just a grade-schooler in the 50s, and my mother (who always used to say "I'm the same age as Betty White!") and I would watch it together. It was a 30-minute show in two 15-minute segments, starring Betty as a madcap but clever housewife and Del Moore her long-suffering husband, Alvin. Pretty unsophisticted black-and-white stuff by today's TV standards but, if anything, this humble setting just makes Betty's comic genius sparkle all the brighter. She won an Emmy for her performance in Life w/Elizabeth. My mom is gone now, but for me, everytime I see Betty she is a reminder of her and the special times we had watching Betty together.