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*Theme Song*
On Part 1 Big Time Rush Became Little Time Rush?
Cast Members:Kendall Knight.. James Diamond.. Logan Mitchell.. Carlos Garcia.. Katie Knight.. Mama Knight.. Gustavo.. Kelly.. Jason Garcia.. John Mitchell.. Jack Diamond.. Hunter Knight.. Special Guest Stars:John Cena.. Roshon Fegan.. Miranda Cosgrove.. Bella Thorne.. Kenzz (me)
Lets Find Out Now!
Carlos:Dang my head it to small for my шлем :'(
James:Haha Srry Man
Logan:well dont where it
Carlos Starts to Cry
Kendall:Oh Gosh! D:<
Logan accidently Kisses Carlos (Cargan <333)
Kendall: /:
Carlos Moans.Logan Drags Carlos into the постель, кровати room to have Sex <3333
James:BigTimeSex Coming in novmember
The Далее Day...
Logan:Wheres Carlos??
James:I dont Know
Kendall:I dont know Girl Friend
Carlos Walks in
Logan Kisses Carlos and Carlos Kisses Back <33
Kendall:Cargan Aww :D
James:O.o I had a crush on logan
James Cries
Logan Giggles and Carlos kisses him again
@MsMojo -These Kendall and Jo "Big Time Rush" moments were big in еще ways than one. Our countdown includes an awkward reunion, their first party, the official hookup, and more!
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kendall & jo
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