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1. Bungee-jumping, go-carting and skydiving: Logan loves jeopardy and action. “I’m kinda addicted to the weirdest things!”

2. Kendall buys organic Еда only. “This way I protect the environment – and it tastes delicious!”

3. Wow, he’s got muscles: James is able to do several pushups while doing a handstand. “That’s my crazy talent!”

4. The boys like to hang out with the Актрисы Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice. Their Избранное pastime: Hockey!

5. “Whenever I’m nervous I gnaw my nails like crazy,” admits Kendall.

6. “Carlos is the neatest out of us all. If he sees...
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posted by MickCayla133
-Plamwoods: Park-
James: Well, Hello Valley!
Bailey; Its Bailey! Duh! -leaves-
James: ugh! I am very Stupid
Erin: no Your Not. -smiles flirty-
James:-looks up- ERIN! -he picks her up and kisses her-
Erin; James!
James: Kept Spinning her around-
James: Oh, Sorry -he chuckled-
Erin: Nah, Its okay
James: oh! -sees His 3 band mates and There Girlfriends-
Kendall: Erin! Erin Valley's! Is That You
Erin:Yep it Is!
Kendall: wow! Its been 4 Years.
Erin:Yeah, I am Auditioning For A Role For " Princess Beauty" Of Course I am Beauti-Ful!
Kendall and The Band:Yes Of Course
Jo:Clears her throat...
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posted by Sarah6789
James: Cough cough.
Kendall: Cough cough.
Logan: Cough cough.
Carlos: Cough cough.
Me: Hi guys my name is Doctor. Silva and I will be taking care of you.
Me: So lets start by taking your temperatures. Ill start with James hi James how are you?
James: I'm good cough cough.
Me: Okay open wide and put this under your tongue and I am taking your temperature now. Once Ты hear the beep, Ты are good.
Meanwhile, James is taking this seriously and listening to Me.
Me: Okay your temperature is oh 108 degrees not good.
James: Cough, cough, cough, cough.
Me: That does not sound good.
Me: Okay Далее is Kendall. Okay...
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So Ты want to have a big time rush themed sleepover party? Well heres how...

1.Check with your parents first. This is especially important if Ты are quite young.

2.Ask girls in your class if they like BTR. If they are wearing a BTR shirt, then it's quite obvious. Write down names of the girls who want to go. Do NOT invite anyone mean.

3.Buy posters, make a cake and put BTR decorations around the house. Find Big time rush invitations, draw your own или just print out pictures. Mail out the invitations.

4.Make goodie bags. They could include CDs, T-shirts, make-up, или концерт tickets if Ты are...
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FROM звезда TELEGRAM – Logan Henderson was 16 and living in North Richland Hills when he decided that Актёрское искусство was the life for him. At age 18, with no backup plan in place, he packed his bags and moved to Los Angeles. And now, just barely into his 20s, he’s starring in a Популярное sitcom for tweens, Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, while simultaneously embarking on a pop-music career.

Sounds like a Зачарованные life — and maybe it is — but Henderson’s luck is largely self-made.

“You can wait your whole life for the right moment and it might not ever come,” he says. “So I’m a big believer...
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posted by jamesandlogan3
Jagan (Ja/mes and Lo/gan) is the friendship/bromance pairing between James Maslow and Logan Henderson and the counterpart of Kenlos.

Logan and James have grown close and are now like brothers. In the show, Logan helps James by Письмо the "Yeah" song with him and James helps Logan by helping him find a дата for the dance. They are close and have been seen joking around and playing in the tour bus with toy guns. James sometimes calls Logan by his nickname which is Logie-Bear. James has сказал(-а) that he loves Logan's Mother because she is so kind.
Jagan Moments (From the show)
Season 1
Big Time Audition...
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The hottest Показать of the summer is at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel. Big Time Rush, one of the most Популярное shows for kids on Nickelodeon, is coming to Jersey this August. The only problem is a big problem. The Показать is SOLD OUT!!! There is a solution. iPlay America is holding a number of special promotions starting this Wednesday, July 18th. They are giving Ты the chance to win tickets to see Big Time Rush! They will do the same thing for the following three Wednesdays (July 25th, August 1st and August 8th). Starting at 3 p.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m. on each of the four Wednesdays, you...
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big time rush meets the vampire diaries is the vampire diaries with big time rush chacters in.
the frist episode will be coming though the week.
i dont have a name for it yet so plz commet and i will pick the best one.
good luck.

here are the charcters names and a bit about them.

Kendall Knight-is the new student at high school.

Logan Knight-is also the new guy in town with Kendall.

Katie Diamond-the girl whos parentd died and has to live wuth there aunt.

Beth Basford-Katies best friend.

Lexie Roe-the other friend that Ты are Друзья on and off with.

James Diamond-the brother of Katie and will not get over his parents.
posted by BTRJamesDiamond
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Make it count, play it straight
Don't look back, don't hesitate
When Ты go big time
What Ты want, what Ты feel
Never quit and make it real
When Ты roll big time
Hey, oh, hey, oh
Listen to your сердце now
Hey, oh, hey, oh
Don't Ты feel the rush? Hey, oh, hey, oh
Better take a shot now
Oh oh oh oh

Go and shake it up, what Ты gotta lose?
Go and make your luck with the life Ты choose
If Ты want it all lay it on the line
It's the only life Ты got so Ты gotta live it big time
Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Step it up, get in gear
Go for broke, make it clear
Gotta go big time
Make it...
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Get a call on a Болталка afternoon
I pick it up and I see that it's you
Like my heart, Ты were breaking the news
You say it's over, it's over, it's over

Heading out, cuz I'm outta my mind
All my Друзья are gonna see me tonight
Staying here, till the sun start's to rise
And I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna

Dance hard, laugh more
Turn the Музыка up now
Party like a rockstar
Can I get a what now?
I swear I'll do
Anything that I have to
Till I forget about you.

Jump up, fall down
Gotta play it loud now.
Don't care, my head's
Spinning all around now.
I swear I'll do
Anything that I have to
Till I forget about you.(2x)...
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posted by MickCayla133
-School: Roosevelt High-
Mrs. Collins: Class, There New students Coming
Band: talking-
Band: Stops-
Girls comes in-
Bands: Stares-
Mrs> Collins: These are, Jo Taylor, Carlie Taylor, Stephanie Taylor and Erin Taylor. Ты may sit back there. -points-
Girls: Goes and sits by them-
James: Hi I am James.
Erin: He.Hey
Girls: Kay"
-bell rings-
-Lunch: Pepperoni Pizza-
Kendall: Эй, Girls! Over here!
Girls: turns around then goes to sit-
Kendall: Can we get to know Each other
Jo: Why!
Kendall: Your Hot!
Jo: Thank Ты -flirts-
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posted by JBfan445
Hi! My name is Lyndsey and this is my first BTR fanfic! Enjoy!

Me:(Waves)Hi! I finaly own BTR!
Everyone:NO Ты DON'T!
Me:(Holding bat)O.k,I don't........yet.

Kendall:Where are are we?
Logan:No,where in L.A! That's where we live.
Me:Acticly, I Kipnaped u and brout u home. Witch is Southfield,MI.
Carlos:Is that.....Justin Beiber?
Me:(Picks up Bat) Yes. Got a problym wit it?
Carlos:(Sounding scared)No,no way!
Me:Good. 'cause I wouldn't want to hit u wit a Bat.......
Kendall:I'm calling Katie.

A Few Hours Later.....
Katie:(Busts door) Let go of my brother and...
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
(Oooh, oh)
Wait a minute
Before Ты tell me anything, how was your day?
'Cause I been missing

You by my side, yeah

Did I awake
You out of your dreams? I'm sorry, but I couldn't sleep
You calm me down, there's something 'bout the sound of your voice.

I-I-I-I'm never, never, never as far away as it may seem.
No, soon we'll be together.
We'll pick up right where we left off.
Paris, London, Tokyo
There's just one thing that I gotta do

Hello, tuck Ты in every night on the phone
Hello, tuck Ты in every night

And I can hardly take another goodbye, baby...
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posted by BTRJamesDiamond
The city is ours (2x)

Rolling past graffiti walls
Billboards lighting up the block
Everyone one of us on a mission (Oh yea)
Got a whole crew by my side
Cars beep, beep when they pass us by
We ready to get down to business (mm, mm)

We pull up, open the door
All the girls, scream there they are
It's packed from Стена to wall
And, everybody is calling
Here we come, it's almost time
Feel the rush, now hit the lights
We gonna get it all started

Because the night is young
The line is out the door
Today was crazy but
Tonight the city's ours
Live it up
Until the morning comes
Today was crazy...
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Katelyn: Hey, Logan! I’ve missed Ты so much! *Runs up and медведь hugs Logan*
Logan: Uh. . . I only went back to the apartment to grab my towel. Um. . . *Looks around pool area* Aren’t Ты supposed to be with Kendall? I mean, Ты are his girlfriend.
*Katelyn giggles* Katelyn: Oh, Kendall, schmendall! YOU’RE SOOO much cuter than he’ll ever be.
*Logan stops to think* Logan thinking: This is SOOO akward. Where is Kendall?!?!?!
*Katelyn grabs Logan’s arm and shakes it* Katelyn: Hey, look over there! Isn’t that your photographer friend, Marcos? Maybe he’ll take our picture for us! What do...
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James Diamond: I just saw this extremely hot girl who's hair is brown and half way to her back. She looks like she's a half-latina.
Carlos Garcia likes this.
Carlos Garcia: Yay! Another Half-Mexican! Me and that girl Ты saw.
James: You're Half-Mexican?!
Carlos Garcia: Ты don't know I'm Half-Mexican and Ты knew me for your whole life! I'm starting to think I don't know you, James.
Kendall Knight: Idiot.
James Diamond and 9 others like this.

Jo Taylor: I miss Kendall! :(
Kendall Knight: Me too! <3
Jo Taylor: <3
James Diamond: Ewwwww! *barfs*
Carlos Garcia and 3 others like this....
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20 months ago, I almost decided to abandon this boyband fever after K-Pop dominated the Музыка industry after many years and western boybands are never to be exists until I tried to watch Big Time Rush on Nick Asia last end of May 2010, then suddenly I liked the Показать and the music. So I slowly to re-appreciate it again. So I Поиск lots of Видео about them, there is a big secret to the Показать and the band itself, their hardships and casting changes that convince me to support and become a Фан of the Показать and the band. At least there is a change for the big reason on Nickelodeon and history changed forever for these boys. I know their are going to do their 1st headlining tour, so I will continue to support and wish that they will come to Manila in the near future.
posted by BTRJamesDiamond
Oh yeah (oh yeah, oh yeah)
Oh yeah (oh yeah, oh yeah)

So tell me who am I supposed to be?
What I gotta do to get Ты close to me?
If I run away tonight will Ты follow me?
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon (oh yeah)

I see Ты standing there all alone (all alone)
Knowing you've been wanting me to say hello
Cause when the lights start flashing everybody knows
It's on it's on it's on

(Hey) Say anything Ты want
I turn the Музыка up
'Cause baby we ain't going no-oh-oh-where
I'll leave it all behind
To be with Ты tonight
And everybody's screaming oh oh oh oh oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah
Is screaming oh yeah
Oh yeah...
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Nickelodeon super-band, Big Time Rush, (in a desperate attempt to reach a new audience) will be joining forces with Beyoncé Giselle Knowles to create "Irreplaceable Night," in addition to some other new songs. The idea is the same as when Justin Bieber teamed up with Timberlake to create their album. The artists take the names of their songs, and combine them into new songs. The rest of the titles on the album are still under wraps, but Big Time Rush's James Maslow was here to let us in on five.

"We're super excited to be working with Beyonce. Before recording our tracks, we played some scrabble, saw 'Paul', and I even exchanged some hair tips with her."

To hear the song, check out link

To read this full article, check out link