Blade do Ты think that they should've waited to make the third blade movie или did Ты actually like it?

ME-AmouR posted on Mar 03, 2010 at 01:36PM
i felt like they rushed to make it because the seocond oen was so successful. i think that if the waited for del toro to finish making HellBoy they could've made a much better movie (or if they let snipes produce it like he did the last two).

when i compare it to the the past blade movies, it doesn't even come close to topping the first. as movies in a series go on, they are supposed to get better. the second was much better than the first, but the third was definetly not better than either of them. when i watch blade 2 i feel like there is a fight scene every 10 minutes, but i don't get that same feeling when i watch trinity. i like biel and reynolds, but i feel like they were in it too much and blade wasn't in it enough. and i passionately feel like the fight scenes in trinity weren't as good as the ones in the first or second.

i feel like i'm just ranting on how much i disliked blade trinity, but what i want to know is if anybody feels the same or similar to how i feel.

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Больше года anyonn said…
I think the third movie was the worst of the three, even if it still was good. The first is best according to me, like in most movie series. If you compare all the blade movies with other vampire movies , the blade movies is highly rated. I mostly say this because a lot of vampire movies have a tendens to suck a lot. Example on that is dusk to dawn.