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ok i have just found out that blaze will be staring in her own solo game and its called Blaze the Cat:Hell Within and this info has only been out for 14 days.BUT im not sure if this is a false rumor или not. i have contacted a segs emploiee and im waiting for a reply for him/her and till than i can only wait and wonder. but if this is true what will happen...why dose the name have hell in it....will this game fix the gap between sonic rush and sonic (06). here is the link to the rumor and again im not sure if this is true или not...but i REALLY hope so.


i will Редактировать this when i get a reply from clumsyorchid(thats the sega emploiee i contacted) telling Ты if this is true, false или anyother info

Im here to tell Ты that the employee knows nothing about this....
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ok a lot of people are saying that blaze dies in sonic 2006. Well im here to say thats not true and i have a theory to prove this. Here is my Theory

In Sonic 06, Blaze and Silver are both from the future. this future is actually an alternate dimension, exsisting parallel to Sonic's present. They are completely identical, the key difference being the age, Silver's universe is nearly 200 years older then Sonic's universe, so if Ты travel between the dimensions, it appears to be time travel. After the game Blaze is sealed in a different Parallel Universe, but not dead. Soliaris awakens and destroys...
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I hate people hate blaze the cat cause people take it for like they boss of you. That when I see people just put on the on blaze the cat Стена and they сказал(-а) that blaze is a jackass and nobody cares about it's mean to blaze the cat and sliver so
stop it Ты jackass's just stop. People can Ты guys just stop if Ты guys report
me I am sorry but it is true so can
Ты please stop but Ты can be quite.Because some people think she is awesome so can people just like her stop
being mean to my is she is the awesome so can people just liker how she is.So people like her how she is please like and like her club please.
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