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This Блич аниме Обои might contain сюрко, покрывать, and surcoat.

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Hadō ("way of destruction")
Beginner (Unseated officer and
other shinigami)
1. Shō (衝, Thrust) — Pushes the
a target away from the caster.
Incantation: unknown/none.
4. Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning) -
The user fires a concentrated,
powerful lightning bolt from
their finger.
Incantation: unknown/none.
11. Tsuzuri Raiden (Reading
Lightning) - Electric current
flows through any object the
user touches and is able to lead
electricity, damaging any target
that is in contact with the object
the current runs through.
Incantation: unknown/none.
31. Shakkahō (赤火砲, Shot of Red
Fire) — Fires a ball...
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"We stand in awe before that which can not be seen... And we respect, with every fiber, that which can not be explained."- Rukia, (And so fell the sword of fate...) opening words of Bleach
"You nuts?! What kind of sick twisted freak attacks his own son while he laying there sleeping?!"-Ichigo, Bleach
"Isn't she awfully happy for someone visiting a grave?"-Karin, Bleach
(yelling at her pager on the ground) "Urahara! Why don't Ты ever pick up when I call Ты in emergencies like this? Ты call yourself a business man! Then why do Ты Показать up when you're not wanted, and then when I really need you,...
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Some facts about each of the Bleach Vice Captains

Sasakibe Chōjirō Tadaoki (Deceased)
Division: 1st Division
Birthday: November 4
Height: 5'9½"
Weight: 146 lbs
Zanpakutō: Gonryōmaru "Solemn Spirite"
Shikai Release Command: Ugate "Bite"
Bankai: Kōkō Gonryō Rikyū Glittering Yellow Shrine of the Solemn Spirit
Hobby: Cultivating black tea
Special skill: Fencing
Food Likes: Western food
Food Dislikes: Japanese food
How he spent his days off: Trying to embrace Western culture

Ōmaeda Nikkōtarōemon Yoshiayamenosuke Marechiyo
Division: 2nd Division
Birthday: May 5
Height: 6'10½"
Weight: 332 lbs...
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