What is the best way to summon Bloody Mary in a public bathroom?

We have drama rehearsals today, and the tenth. I've been wanting to summon Bloody Mary, because one of my online Друзья says she's haunting her school and I wanted to try, whether или not it'll work.

I know it could be бык crap, but I though if I could get to the bathroom it'd be fun.

Problem? i'm not sure if I say her name 13 или 3 times, and will a flashlight work for a candle, because I can't get a candle into a school and light it.

And how do Ты get rid of her?

Do I need to spin, if so, how many times?

Can Bloody Mary come out of the mirror to haunt, или will she stay in the mirror?

The answer I find most efficient'll get 3 Answer props.

 Aquarius18 posted Больше года
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keepcalm87 said:
Bloody Mary Is Summoned In Public Schools I Just Use My Candle App On My IPhone I'm In Her Mirror world she's coming bye Keep Calm Stride On 87

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posted Больше года 
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