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posted by Dexterblossom
Brick: Эй, babe what to go to the prom with me?

Blossom: sorry I can't and b.t.w I'm note your babe!

Blossom narrator: I closed the door and whet back up stairs.

The день of the prom came and it was really fun. But then there was an explosion and brick showed up behind the explosion.

Brick:hello and bye bye!

Blossom narrator: he shot out a lazer and I dodged it but it hit dexter. I flew up to brick and punched him real hard!

Blossom: what are Ты doing?

Brick: if I can't have Ты no one can!

This time he shot out another lazer but I blocked it with my icy breath. This time it was my turn I kicked...
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posted by Dexterblossom
I was sitting behind my стол письменный, стол at school and I was listening carefully to the teacher.She was explaining about cristopher Columbus and how he found America. History was the last lesson of the день and ten минуты before the last колокол, колокольчик, белл rang,she made an announcement:
Teacher: I've got good news! The 25th of June is the summer prom which would be Далее Saturday!
Everyone: woohoo!!
Finally the колокол, колокольчик, белл rang. I walked out of class and back home.

Bubbles: I can't belive there's going t be the prom Далее week!

Blossom: who are Ты going with?

Bubbles: I'm going with Mac!

Buttercup: and I'm going with...
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Re-uploading to see if it works now или not
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I'm finally animating yay
Alright, so it turns out Mason and Adinn are in a big battle to get me, so soon my sisters are involved. Lets start the story

Me:*fires elecrisity zap at Adinn and he fires a ball zap in responce. The zaps hit each other and hold*
Mason:Adinn just leave us alone! We're married already!!
Adinn:What?! Oop, might as well leave.*leaves and we go home* Me:NIce one honey. I hope that Izy and Mason Jr are happy.
Mason:Me too dear.
*we arrive and are immedeitly met by our kids*
Izy:Mommy! Daddy! We've been havin' fun with Mommy's sibs!
Mason Jr:Hey Mom and Dad!(Mason Jr is 2 years older than his sister Izy,...
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posted by suzyisbrute
Shmellow peeps!
Haven't heard from me in a while eh?
Welp, life has been crazy and I'm planning on making an update video documenting whats going on with me now/ the craziness that has seemed to take over this page while I was gone (including SEVERAL Фан adaptations of my OCs but mostly Baily and Masondark? of all characters? oh well cant' help being responsible for so many сердце throbs lol)

In the meantime! I will say in this Статья that I am now ACTUALLY FINALLY ANIMATING! YAY!
Given I am using equipment that ain't great because I'm still poor (some things never change eh?)
So the art that will...
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Me:Haleynita,can I Присоединиться your pack with Samaria and Ashely? My boyfriend and I have bad personalities.
Haleynita:Hmmm,girls,should we?
Samaria:Kania is a awesome name,and Masondark is a awesome name as well,so yeah we should!
Ashely:I Любовь the names as well,so I agree as well!
Haleynita:Now we have 5 members. Kania,get Masondark!
Me:Sure thing!*wisiles*
Mason:Yes Babe?
Me:Babe,we're part of the gummy pack!
Haleynita:Ok,now its a school day. Use your personalities!
*We get to the bus*
Katie:That tape is weird!
Baily:I know right?
Katie:Oh put it away! Gummy pack is here!
*puts it away*
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