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zanhar1 posted on Apr 06, 2014 at 11:43PM
Take the book you are currently reading, or one near by you. The first person will give you a page number and you type the third, seventh or tenth sentence on the page.

Person A: Page 10

Person B: *Quote*
*Author's Name*
*Book Title*
Page 103

I'll start;

"Kylie inhaled the verdant scent of the trees and the moist Earth."
C.C. Hunter
Whispers At Moonrise
Page 92
 Take the book Ты are currently reading, или one near by you. The first person will give Ты a page nu

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Больше года Mystrygal said…
"what i mean is, they're exactly the kind of letters a murderer would devise."-Agatha Christie
Sleeping murder

Page 27
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
"Now, I know enough in that line to fake my way; and she, in her innocence, can't tell a pastel from a pig."
Sarah Waters

Page 54
Больше года zanhar1 said…
"I'm sorry baby," he sai. "The Board of Health says you gotta go up to Kalaupapa."
Alan Brennert

Page 202
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
"Lose precious seconds for a dumb critter without sense enough to dart into the tall grass?"
San Domingo
Marguerite Henry

Page 126
Больше года zanhar1 said…
"Rachel saw what it was tears blinded her."
Alan Brennert

Page 42
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
"When the peaks were pink in the morning they invited him among them: and when the sun had gone over the edge in the evening and the mountains were a purple-like despair, then Jody was afraid of them; then they were so impersonal and aloof that their very imperturbability was a threat."
The Red Pony
John Steinbeck

Page 91
last edited Больше года
Больше года zanhar1 said…
"Pig turns to Rat."
Alison Goodman

Page 143
Больше года DarkSarcasm said…
"Among the Candor, before a person is accepted into our community, they have to completely expose themselves."
Insurgent by Veronica Roth

(This sounds much more fun when taken out of context ;D)

Page 100
Больше года zanhar1 said…
"And indeed their nights came alive with the howls of distant packs, and some not so distant.
George RR Martin, Game of Thrones

Page 88
Больше года MaidofOrleans said…
"You remember that Adam was made from the earth; what more natural than that he should have retained the color of the earth?"
Of One Blood by Pauline Hopkins

page 20
Больше года zanhar1 said…
"And so they set off, without saying good-bye to anyone, on a morning that still seemed much too early and smelled of rain."
Cornelia Funke, Inkheart

Page 302