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An online artist tutorial in promotion of The Molting Comic a 12 part comic book series from Terrance Zdunich, the creator and звезда of the 2008 goth opera Repo! The Genetic Opera
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Mmkay, this is a really powerful-but really long- quote and I really hope Ты take just a few минуты out of whatever you're doing and read it.

"I was telling Ты about evil, now that I know what it is. It's what makes a man get drunk and press a red hot poker on his child's back. It's what makes men have to queue for hours at the dock gates for a chance of a job when there are only a dozen jobs for a hundred men, so they fight each other in order to get them, and the foreman laugh and egg them on. It's what takes an old couple who've got nothing left but each other and splits them up to go...
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Veteran writer Randy Jernigan took to his Facebook page to share his exuberance in his former student, Les Bailey, and his new book, The Vampire Game: Discovery. which debuted in Kindle Книги November 19, 2015.

"I knew when I first met Les several years back in one of my creative Письмо classes, that he was going to write the great American novel--and he did! Even then Les was a master storyteller. I remember vividly the feelings of excitement I experienced when he read aloud from one of his class assignments. The prose within the story was downright delicious. I recognized almost immediately...
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